Both Sides of the River

Date posted: Sep 18th, 2019

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Casting Call



Location: Minnesota


Film: Both Sides of the River (Feature length)


When: November (we'll be making our decisions pretty quick)


Logline: Centered around a recent martyr (Audrey Mbayu), a detective struggling to keep his family together becomes obsessed with solving the murder of a national treasure.


The first part of the audition will be a self tape. If you're interested email with the role you want to audition and your headshots, reel and resume (if you have any)




Shilana Starks: 28-40 (Black)

Shilana is a wife mother and Doctor to the main character. Takes control, nurturing, (Must be comfortable with partial nudity, welding a gun, and knife).


Audrey Mbayu: 28-40 (Black)

Audrey is a woman of high professional stature, self mastered, methodical, balances being nurturing and scary very well.


Joseph Gray: 30-50 (Black)

Detective, ladies man, great comedic timing, has a street edge to him.


Gerald Fuller: 40-55 (Caucasian)

Detective, charming, quick tempered, quite greed for power.


April: 28-45 (Open race) Female

CSI investigator, confident.




Chris Yang: 25-45 (Hmong) Male


Andi Muhammad: 25-55 (Somali) Malr


Red Cloud: 30-50 (Native American) Male

Assassin, wise, conflicted, mission oriented.


Sherry: 40-60 (Black) female


Hades 30-45 (black/Mexican) female


Halima 25-55 (Somali) Female


Gavin 30-40 (Caucasian) Male


Quinn 30-45 (Caucasian) Female


Shane 21-30 (open race)


Send your inquiry and you'll receive sides. I look forward to your auditions!





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Student film actors needed

Date posted: Sep 7th, 2019

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hi! I’m Rory and I’m currently looking for two actors for my first student film project. The film centers around a man named Be, and his encounter with a mysterious bell sound. Similar to lee Chang Dong’s film “Burning,” two actors are needed. 

pay: none currently, but food and film will be provided to actors. 

Shooting will occur over one weekend during September in two locations which will be provided. 

email= rorytdonohue@gmail.Com


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My American Dream

Date posted: Aug 6th, 2019

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My name is Tony Nayenga and I wrote the book My American Dream using my pen name Nekemiah Muzazibwa.  My book in online and I have had several book signings with very good feedback.  This story chronicles my life from a Civil War inUganda 1977 to a life in the U.S. with my family.  I explain the trials and tribulations  I/we encountered with many success until I was diagnosed with mul  sclerosis which I dealt with in denial.(as it is taboo in my culture).  Also, there is a love story detailed with a hirl I didn’t know from Ghana  which led to the birth of my 2 children. But my dream  with my children has become redefined as MS is a taboo among my people as I was getting very sick. I am in the process of converting this book to a short film and next a feature film, hopefully. If any producers can contact me I’d appreciate it!  Thank you.


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Auditions for The Cruise - Short Film

Date posted: Aug 2nd, 2019

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Auditions for The Cruise

Genre: Horror/Thriller, LGBT+

Director: Richard Louprasong with Snippet Edits

Non Union, Unpaid, CCM

Shoot Dates: Mon/Tues October 14th/15th, all night shoots

Audition Date: Sat Aug 24th, 1-7pm

Log line:"On Halloween night, a couple takes a stroll to a haunted spot in the woods to conjure up an urban legend." POC strongly encouraged to audition


Tanner - Male, Mid-Late 20’s. Tanner is Rodney's partner. Tanner is a good looking guy with a fun personality. He loves to seek thrills and to scare up Rodney with his ghost stories.

Rodney - Male, Mid-Late 20’s. Rodney is Tanner's partner. Rodney is a handsome man with a sassy attitude. He is easily spooked and not thrilled about Tanner's ghost stories.

If you would like to audition, please send your resume and headshot We will reach out to you to schedule an audition time and send sides at that time.


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Asian Actors in Minnesota

Date posted: Mar 4th, 2019

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Hello all!!  My name is Erick Gani, I am an aspiring writer/director from a Indonesian/Cambodian background.  My main purpose on here is to familiarize myself with the community of Asian actors from Minnesota but also the greater Midwest region.  I'd also like to connect with actors from Minnesota in general as I am new to the company of thespians in this state.

Hit me up and connect/contact me on my instagram:

Phone: 651-324-8803


Thank You!


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Phone: (651) 324-8803

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