Date posted: Nov 10th, 2018

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This is a CASTING CALL for a Non-Union Student Short Film for University of Northwestern - St. Paul.


Thursday - November 15th, 2018

6:00 PM - 8:00 PM


A teenage girl has gone her whole life getting acting jobs due to her mom’s success as an actress. After facing a casting director that won’t let that fly anymore, she must realize that she must work in order to get what she wants.



[HAYDEN] Female, Ages: 16-24, Ethnicity: Caucasian

Hayden is a retired famous actress’ daughter. She’s been spoiled her whole life and doesn’t know what it’s like to be independent and work hard to earn things that she deserves.


[ELIZA] Female, Ages: 40-55, Ethnicity: Caucasian

Eliza, Hayden’s mom is a retired actress who is well known in the area. She’s a loving mom that cares for her daughter but doesn’t always know what’s going on her life.


[REGINA] Female, Ages: 50-70, Ethnicity: Open

Regina is an outgoing woman that doesn’t go easy on the talent that auditions for her roles. She isn’t going to play nice, but that doesn’t mean she’s a monster.


[CHARLIE] Male, Ages: 20-30, Ethnicity: Open
Charlie isn’t all that experienced in the profession world quite yet. One thing is for sure however, he knows who is good for a role, and who is bad for a role. 




December 1st & 2nd 



Contact Info

Phone: (763) 273-0785

Email Address: haydenfilmcasting@gmail.com

Website: https://m.signupgenius.com/#!/showSignUp/70a0f49acac2ba1fe3-audition

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Try Try

Date posted: Nov 8th, 2018

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Phycological Thriller



A young man attempts to keep the affections of his girlfriend by extraordinary means.

Character - Breakdown


DIRECTOR: Sage Haynes





Thursday Nov. 15th 10AM-4:30PM

Friday Nov. 16th 1:30-6:30PM

(2993 Snelling Ave. N, Mel Johnson Media Center, St Paul, MN 55113)



Friday Dec. 7th

Saturday Dec. 8th

Sunday Dec. 9th (times TBD)



Non-union talent welcome to audition. Rehearsal will be scheduled about a week before the shooting weekend.




Morgan: Female, race open, 16 - mid 20’s. Nursing student, girl-next-door sweet, career minded.

Chris: Male, race open, 17 - mid 20’s. Mechanical engineering student, passionate, stubborn, deep thinker.

Friend: Female, race open, 16 - mid 20's.

Extras (4): Gender open, race open, 16 - mid 30's


Please come with a Headshot and Resume.




Contact Info

Phone: (763) 458-0728

Email Address: sagehaynes@comcast.net


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Group Therapy

Date posted: Nov 8th, 2018

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November 16th 7:00PM - 9:00PM

We will accept video auditions.




Non-union talent welcome to audition. 

Principal photography scheduled for November 30th & December 1st, in Roseville, MN. Rehearsal will be scheduled in November 2018.
Craft services will be provided.


A group of college students from a university meet weekly to analyze the ups and downs of living with anxiety and depression. Through group discussion, the students begin to see that while their problems may not go way, right away, there is hope that their circumstances will get better.


StevenMale, race open, mid 20’s – early 30’s. After years of working with numerous students in multiple universities, Steven is just as excited by the first day of group therapies as he was when he first began. He cares about his patients and wants to see them grow.

NikkiFemale, race open, early to late 20’s. Nikki struggles with social anxiety and disappointment. Her biggest fear is failing someone while trying to do her best.

JacksonMale, race open, mid 20’s – early 30’s. Jackson is back from his time in the military. He finds it difficult to open up about his feelings with others and usually skims by the group therapy session without having to talk.

AvaFemale, race open, early to late 20’s. Ava has an extremely hard exterior, but battles emotional and physical abuse from her boyfriend every time she comes home.

PaulaFemale, race open, early to late 20’s. Paula combats with perfectionism, the need to please. She wants control over everything so that it can go her way, which is the “right” way. 


Contact Info

Phone: (763) 273-0785

Email Address: grouptherapycasting@gmail.com

Website: https://www.signupgenius.com/go/20f044da5a823a1f85-group

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Extras needed

Date posted: Nov 8th, 2018

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Dates: Nov 29-30; only needed one day



Ages 20-80.  We need 5-10 people to be in featured extra roles. 

Unpaid.  Food and credit provided.  You'll also get to work with a fantastic crew.



If you would like to be part of this Zfest film please submit headshot and resume to goodandtrulyfilm@gmail.com


Contact Info


Email Address: goodandtrulyfilm@gmail.com


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Casting Call for Student Film "Take Care of Yourself"

Date posted: Nov 6th, 2018

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---Casting Call---

Non-Union and Small Pay

"Take Care of Yourself" is an African-American written and directed short film dealing with supernatural elements and personal subject matter.


Audition Dates: November 18th, 10 AM-5 PM

Shooting dates - Late November/Early December

Student Short Film, MCAD Senior Thesis

Director - Michael Silva Bryant

Producer - Ethan Vander Broek

Logline: When his mother falls sick, Maurice encounters an other-worldly being which forces him to make an important decision that may lead to him having to let go.

Maurice (17, African American) - soft-spoken young man with shy mannerisms, protective of his mother, easy to push his buttons or provoke

Masha/Spirit  (late 30s, African American) - a positive, religious woman,  loves her son, wants the best for him and wishes for him to find his own belief structure/Maurice’s visual embodiment of death, frank and  matter-of-fact.


Please submit headshot, resume and/or reel to evanderbroek@mcad.edu.

We will follow up with audition location, audition time, and script sides.

Thank you!


Contact Info


Email Address: evanderbroek@mcad.edu


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The Rebels - feature film trailer

Date posted: Nov 5th, 2018

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We have our sights set on bigger things!  Rebel Filmworks is a small, local production company aiming to make our first feature film.  The Rebels is budgeted @ $1.5M and we're ideally looking to film in Minnesota and use local talent.   By using a high-quality trailer, we're giving ourselves the best chance when we pitch for financing.

It's the story of a Rochester, MN basketball prodigy who's the next Superstar.  Since grade school, Johnny Quentin was destined for greatness.  That was, until that fateful day in college. 

On the brink of leading his team to theri first NCAA tournament, disaster strikes.  In a pivotal moment of his biggest game, he lets his emotions get the best of him and he lashes out & strikes a referee.  He's kicked out of the NCAA and the NBA won't touch him.  The game he loves deserts him.  Johnny is lost and will never play basketball again.  Or so he thinks. 

Fast forward 14 years and the struggling semi-pro Rochester Rebels need help in the worst way.  Their one shot at survival is to convince Johnny, the former legend, to help them.  It's the last chance for them both.  Does Johnny still have what it takes to lead a team to the promised land?  Will the team, and the city, embrace him?  Only time will tell. 



  • SATURDAY, 11/10 FROM 10AM-2PM
  • TUESDAY, 11/13 FROM 4PM-8PM



  • www.rebelfilmworks.com






Contact Info

Phone: (612) 916-4772

Email Address: kentjohnson01@msn.com

Website: http://www.rebelfilmworks.com/

Casting female actor in her 30s for commercial

Date posted: Nov 5th, 2018

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We're looking for a physically fit female actor in her 30s for a 30 second charcoal tooth powder advertisement. There will be some mild exercising (either squats, pushsups, or kettlebell).


We'll be shooting in a studio in Minnetonka on Wednesday, November 20th for roughly 6 hours. This is a paid gig.


Please email headshot/resume/reel to Tyler if interested.


Contact Info


Email Address: tylerjohnperry@gmail.com


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Casting Call for Roxanne Music Video

Date posted: Nov 3rd, 2018

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We are casting talent for a music video set to shoot around the cities Dec 10th-13th for a local Minneapolis artist. Description of roles is posted below. Please bring a 1 minute monologue for preparation - sides will also be provided. Please bring your headshot and resume. (If you do not have a head shot or resume, that is fine - we’ll have something for you to fill out as well). You may or may not audition with more than one individual.
A woman who knows how to play the game and makes all the rules. She’s hard to resist and she knows it. With her sultry walk and seductive eyes she wins over every man in the room.
Gender: Female
Age range: 20’s - 30’s 
Open Ethnicity
Theatrical movement required!
If you have experience in theatre acting this is a plus! There’s going to be choreographed movement, extreme close ups of expressions, and lots of flair added for these roles.
Open Gender
Open Ethnicity
Age Range: 20’s - 50’s
Open Gender 
Open Ethnicity
Age Range: 20’s - 50’s
If you have any questions please feel free to contact me at katestilly145@gmail.com 
Auditions are to be held at 
13949 Aldrich Ave S
Burnsville, MN Suite 28 (Roxee Salon)
10a - 3p. 
Please sign up for a time slot via this link: 
Call backs are November 17th early afternoon.


Contact Info


Email Address: katestilly145@gmail.com


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Casting for feature film

Date posted: Oct 31st, 2018

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This is a SAG ultra low-budget feature agreement. Actors can be SAG or NON-SAG. Shooting some days, some nights, some weekends. We will work around your schedule. There is some pay. Please submit photo and links (acting reel, vocal demo, or whatever you have) to SoldOutmovie@gmail.com. PLEASE PUT THE CHARACTER YOU ARE SUBMITTING FOR IN THE SUBJECT LINE OF YOUR EMAIL. No need to resubmit if you have already responded to a different ad. Thanks all! 


JOHN(35-45) Kind, blue collar, beaten-down construction worker who can sing and play guitar (strumming and finger picking) Father to a 6 year old. Must be someone we can root for. Actor must have a strong or unique singing voice. LEAD, ANY ETHNICITY


KAT(25-35) Edgy, passionate, dynamic, alpha female. She’s a powerhouse. A renowned music talent scout with a dark past.  Actor must have a strong singing voice and be able to play some piano. LEAD, ANY ETHNICITY


LAUREN (32-42) Beautiful, unpredictable, dramatic. John’s wife and mother of their 6 year old. 13 juicy scenes. SUPPORTING LEAD, ANY ETHNICITY.


COLTON(25-35) Lead singer in a rock band. (in the vein of Coldplay, Live, Snow Patrol, OAR, The Fray, etc…) Hip, charismatic, bit of an attitude. Great singing voice. 7 scenes. SUPPORTING LEAD, ANY ETHNICITY. 


WAYNE (65-75) Weathered, alcoholic widower. A lovable, heartbroken dad. Must be able to sing a few verses of “Amazing Grace.” 6 scenes. SUPPORTING ROLE


Contact Info


Email Address: soldoutmovie@gmail.com


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Unarmed Stage Combat Class with Certification

Date posted: Sep 9th, 2018

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And a special bonus of working with Richard Ryan-Fight and Stunt Coordinator for The Dark Knight, Troy, Sherlock Holmes and the TV series Vikings, among many others.**This opportunity is only available to those that decide to test for certification with the Society of American Fight Directors


Aaron Preusse will be teaching an ongoing Unarmed Stage Combat Course in which you have the option to participate in a Skills Proficiency Test provided by the Society of American Fight Directors. This years adjudicator for the test will be Fight Master Richard Ryan who, as part of the testing process, will lead a Master Class in stage combat.


The Skills Proficiency Test is provided by the Society of American Fight Directors and serves as a benchmark for skill level and achievement, that is an industry standard for actor training. If you are serious about your craft, stage combat training is imperative.


Whether you are just starting out or have been performing for years, unarmed techniques are 90% of the violence that happens on stage and film. You owe it to yourself and your partners to have safe and believable skills to bring to the table. This class will provide those skills and make you look awesome in the process!


All skill levels are welcome and encouraged!


These classes are also designed so that you can drop in for just one class or sign up for multiple weeks. Scheduling is flexible too! 




Mondays 6:30-10pm


September 24th  - December 3rd 




Saint Paul-TBD


Fee Options: 


$20 per visit


$150 for 11 weeks


$350 for 11 weeks **which includes the Skills Proficiency Test


Those of you wishing to renew your certification, this is an excellent opportunity!


Richard will be adjudicating the Skills Proficiency Test. Which means the first portion is an assesment of a scene you will perform with choreographed violence. The second half is a Master Class with Richard Ryan!! This is a rare opportunity to come and learn from one of the best in the business! 


To register please visit the Fake Fighting Company's website at:




Any questions contact Aaron at:




Contact Info

Phone: (773) 209-9101

Email Address: aaron@fakefighting.com

Website: http://www.fakefighting.com/


Date posted: Apr 4th, 2018

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We are working on a project titled "MINNEAPOLICE". It is one of many steps that we are taking to bridge the gap between the community and law enforcement. All of our projects focus on bringing the action to the public eye. There are many productions going on around our great state but none are seen as we are driving through our communities. We want to change that. We feel if the action is taking place in public view, it does something wonderful and productive for the community, the state, the cast involved, and our local film industry. 

This particular project is purposely filled with action. It is about a SWAT team, which will project law enforcement as being human and not just how many in our society sees them. No matter which side you stand on, peace, understanding, cooperation and security is needed from both sides.
We have planned to shoot a promo for the movie. The promo will be a shootout between the SWAT team and one of the main characters on Broadway in Minneapolis. SWAT will be in full gear. The actors/actresses will be using blank guns. The idea is to be loud and dramatic to get the community's attention. This project has elements that no other has in this state and is very necessary. The story touches on gun control, school shootings, and again, bridging the gap.
We need stand-ins and extras to complete this exciting project. If you want to be a part of a growing legacy, by all means contact me. If you think you can help with your expertise, energy and knowledge please contact me.


Contact Info

Phone: (612) 559-7322

Email Address: movielegacies@gmail.com


Bobby E. Erickson - Faith In Family Films, LLC

Date posted: Mar 12th, 2018

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Who am I?   I'm glad you asked... I am a....

Corporate Resolution Manager...freelancing as a....
Singer, Songwriter, Composer, Actor, VO Talent, Screenwriter, Producer and Director in the Commercial and Film Industry. 

I'm a happily married Christian, and a father to 2 great kids, focused on Family-friendly and Faith-based projects.  In 2017, I founded "Faith In Family Films, LLC" in SE Minnesota to bring more film projects to the Midwest. 

For more information, and my resume, please feel free to visit my IMDb webpage. 


If you would like to discuss your project, or feel I may be a value-add, please don't hesitate to contact me directly, or through social media at your convenience. 

My best to you...


Contact Info

Phone: (507) 250-6372

Email Address: blerickson@charter.net

Website: http://blerickson.wixsite.com/bobbyerickson