Orion 21

Date posted: Nov 20th, 2020

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Orion 21 is a short film about a order of assassins and one assassin's mission that reveals the true intentions of the orders leader.

Shooting will take place over two weeks next spring, In brainerd. We're looking for unpaid actors and crew to fill in some slots.


Siglow, male, late 20's to early 30's, athletic build, willing to be in fight/action scenes. Siglow is Orion's best friend and mentor as an assassin.

Eric Dunn, male, late 40's to late 60's, older, the charmer and manipulative leader of the order.

The Rouge, male early to late 30's, athletic, willing to be in fight scenes, a former member of the order, who tries to turn Orion.

Anthony Valero, male, 20's to 30's a sex trafficker who gets assassinated.

Judlom, male, late 20's, athletic build, willing to be in fight scenes, another assassin in the order.

Samandri, female, late 20's athletic build willing to be in fight scenes, another assassin in the order.


No experience required we're willing to help train you on your set duties.

Sound operator.

Assistant camera operator.

Make-up artist.

Production assistants.

Split operator, to line up audio and video and present the daily takes.

We are also looking for extras to help fill out some of the scenes that take place in the orders compound.

To schedule an audition or if you have any questions you can call or email us.


Contact Info

Phone: (218) 821-4025

Email Address: codycoxington@gmail.com


CASTING CALL -- Pink Elephant

Date posted: Sep 8th, 2020

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Union/non-union: Both

Production Type: Independent

Length: Short film (12 pages)

Shooting location: Minnesota

Shooting dates: February 1 - February 8 2021

Audition Location: Virtual 

Written and Directed by: Matthew Ericson  (NYU Film and TV Alumni)

Produced by: Kara Bartek  (NYU Film and TV Alumni)

Casting Director: Samuel Burbank  (NYU Film and TV Alumni)


Compensation: Paid


All auditions will be submitted virtually due to COVID-19. 


Synopsis: While trapped at home, a meek housewife struggles to care for a disabled, suicidal friend and an irresponsible husband, all while suppressing her own emotions towards them both. 



Mandy (FEMALE, LATE 20s to EARLY 30s): Mandy is a stay-at-home wife caring for Matthew, the disabled friend of her and her husband Bruce. Mandy is deeply empathetic, always putting the care of others before herself. However, her passivity leaves her open to exploitation by the two men in her life. After Matthew's condition dramatically worsens, she is torn between giving him the proper care and standing up for herself. 

Bruce (MALE, LATE 20s to EARLY 30s): The husband of Mandy, friend of Matthew, and failing writer. Bruce denies responsibility for anything in his life - including the success of his own pursuits. He both resents Matthew's presence and uses it as an excuse for his own failings. Bogged down by stress - real and imaginary - he leaves Matthew's care mostly to his wife to focus on his writing.

Matthew (MALE, LATE 20s to EARLY 30s): An overweight, mentally-ill man without many friends or family. He is a friend of Bruce and Mandy and so lives in their house for his care. Due to his condition, he is unable to leave his room, consumed by deep loneliness and isolation. The film's story begins after he attempts (but fails) to commit suicide. PHYSICAL WEIGHT PREFERRED BUT NOT REQUIRED.

Dr. Gibson (MALE, 60s): Mandy's therapist. He video-calls her from his office in order to help her deal with the stress of caring for Matthew around the clock. Although he senses that something is not right, he is unable to articulate what the solution is to Mandy's emotional problems. THIS ROLE WILL BE VIRTUALLY PRE-RECORDED.


Contact Info

Phone: (612) 518-4753

Email Address: mattericsonnok@gmail.com


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My American Dream

Date posted: Aug 6th, 2019

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My name is Tony Nayenga and I wrote the book My American Dream using my pen name Nekemiah Muzazibwa.  My book in online and I have had several book signings with very good feedback.  This story chronicles my life from a Civil War inUganda 1977 to a life in the U.S. with my family.  I explain the trials and tribulations  I/we encountered with many success until I was diagnosed with mul  sclerosis which I dealt with in denial.(as it is taboo in my culture).  Also, there is a love story detailed with a hirl I didn’t know from Ghana  which led to the birth of my 2 children. But my dream  with my children has become redefined as MS is a taboo among my people as I was getting very sick. I am in the process of converting this book to a short film and next a feature film, hopefully. If any producers can contact me I’d appreciate it!  Thank you.


Contact Info

Phone: (651) 387-7313

Email Address: tnayenga77@gmail.com

Website: https://www.xlibris.com/Bookstore/BookDetail.aspx?BookId=SKU-001184514

Asian Actors in Minnesota

Date posted: Mar 4th, 2019

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Hello all!!  My name is Erick Gani, I am an aspiring writer/director from a Indonesian/Cambodian background.  My main purpose on here is to familiarize myself with the community of Asian actors from Minnesota but also the greater Midwest region.  I'd also like to connect with actors from Minnesota in general as I am new to the company of thespians in this state.

Hit me up and connect/contact me on my instagram: https://www.instagram.com/ecgani/

Phone: 651-324-8803

Email:  ganierick@gmail.com

Thank You!


Contact Info

Phone: (651) 324-8803

Email Address: ganierick@gmail.com

Website: https://www.instagram.com/ecgani/