Female Voice Talent Needed

Date posted: Nov 15th, 2019

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Our production company is doing an audio companion for an illustrated short story. The audio companion features narration, sound effects, and music. The story is told in first person from the perspective of a woman in her late twenties, reflecting on her extraordinary yet turbulent youth. She recalls learning about the world, making friends, falling in love, descending into a chaotic world of partying and substance abuse, mental illness, and her desperate effort to turn back from the brink of self destruction. Her story also details a sequence of perplexing supernatural phenomena that propels her on a dizzying odyssey of self discovery.

We’re looking to cast a female vocalist, for the audio narration of this story. Rather than a typical audiobook narrator voice, we’re looking for someone who can convincingly deliver a performance as the story’s character, as though it is she herself who is sharing the intimate and varied details of her own incredible life. 

If you feel you would potentially be a good candidate for this position, then we’d love to hear from you! Below is a selection from the short story; please send us an audio submission of your voice delivering this text. Feel free to bring as much character and life to is as you wish. Compensation for this project will be $250.

Send submissions to Jameson.Richards.Film@gmail.com. We’ll look forward to hearing from you!

Story Excerpt

My inner world and my art quickly became a refuge from the confusing and sometimes hurtful environment of social interaction. While my family was loving and accepting of me, the other kids at school were not so friendly. I was obviously wired differently than others, and they made sure I never forgot it.


I approached every social encounter from a place of sincerity; I spoke from my heart and always told the truth. I was very innocent, bordering on naive. The notion of lying was difficult for me to grasp, and I always trusted everyone and everything they said. Nuanced behaviors like irony and sarcasm were as unknown to me as foreign languages.


After some time, I started to recognize that there was this “unspoken rulebook” about how to interact with other people. The do’s and don’ts were law, and breaking those laws were capital offenses. But no one ever talked about what they were, and everyone was expected to just know them. Those who didn’t were ostracized. Those who did were considered to be “with it.” It was a subject of great curiosity to me - what this elusive “it” actually was and what I had to do to be “with” it.


I had always followed an entirely different rulebook, one that made perfect sense to me - one based on compassion and respect. But the more I got made fun of, the more I began to abandon that rulebook in favor of being “with it.”


Contact Info

Phone: (763) 300-6825

Email Address: jameson.richards.film@gmail.com


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African American Director for docudrama set in Morten, MN

Date posted: Oct 4th, 2019

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My Aunt has written a book and commissioned a screenplay of the book “And Justice for None.” It is a docudrama about the unjust conviction of an African American Man in Morten, MN in 1921. We are looking for a director. Funding for film may be privately available.


I worked at the University of MN Film Society from 1972-78, then West Virginia state Film Librarian: working with many directors including John sayles on MATEWAN and Lars Von Trier on Dear Wendy.

Given the context of this story we would be very interested in hiring an African American filmmaker. 


Contact Info

Phone: (304) 345-5850

Email Address: luckyeight@suddenlink.net


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My American Dream

Date posted: Aug 6th, 2019

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My name is Tony Nayenga and I wrote the book My American Dream using my pen name Nekemiah Muzazibwa.  My book in online and I have had several book signings with very good feedback.  This story chronicles my life from a Civil War inUganda 1977 to a life in the U.S. with my family.  I explain the trials and tribulations  I/we encountered with many success until I was diagnosed with mul  sclerosis which I dealt with in denial.(as it is taboo in my culture).  Also, there is a love story detailed with a hirl I didn’t know from Ghana  which led to the birth of my 2 children. But my dream  with my children has become redefined as MS is a taboo among my people as I was getting very sick. I am in the process of converting this book to a short film and next a feature film, hopefully. If any producers can contact me I’d appreciate it!  Thank you.


Contact Info

Phone: (651) 387-7313

Email Address: tnayenga77@gmail.com

Website: https://www.xlibris.com/Bookstore/BookDetail.aspx?BookId=SKU-001184514

Asian Actors in Minnesota

Date posted: Mar 4th, 2019

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Hello all!!  My name is Erick Gani, I am an aspiring writer/director from a Indonesian/Cambodian background.  My main purpose on here is to familiarize myself with the community of Asian actors from Minnesota but also the greater Midwest region.  I'd also like to connect with actors from Minnesota in general as I am new to the company of thespians in this state.

Hit me up and connect/contact me on my instagram: https://www.instagram.com/ecgani/

Phone: 651-324-8803

Email:  ganierick@gmail.com

Thank You!


Contact Info

Phone: (651) 324-8803

Email Address: ganierick@gmail.com

Website: https://www.instagram.com/ecgani/