Micro-Budget Feature shooting in February

Date posted: Dec 3rd, 2018

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Currently looking for dedicated creatives, both above and below-the-line, for a one-location film.

The script’s history includes being shortlisted for production by a national film institute and winning a Producers’ Lab. The budget is in place.


The seven main acting roles, which will require both dramatic and comedic competence, are…

1 – Male, 60s, depressed with a politically incorrect nature.

2 – Female, 60s/late 50s, razor tongued and cold.

3 – Male, 30s, large build, flamboyant and wonderfully gay.   

4 – Male, 30s, stocky, repressed and seeking acceptance.

5 – Female, 30s, highly successfully and judgmental.  Pregnant.

6 – Female, 20s, the rock of the family, caring and accommodating.

7 – Male, 20s, the black sheep. Troubled past but endearing.

There are also numerous secondary acting roles.


Please remember this is a microbudget project and therefore payment will be on a low/no/deferred basis.  

Please respond with resumes and links to previous work.

Thank you.


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Phone: (612) 704-6175

Email Address: evsafilms@outlook.com


Looking for a camera man and actors.

Date posted: Nov 11th, 2018

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Hello fellow filmmakers! My friend and I are in need of talent for various comedy skits that will be posted on YouTube. Please note that many of these works are quite controversial and not the sort of comedy suited for everyone. We are in need of individuals who are not easily offended and thats the most important thing. If you have little to no experience with acting and cinema we would still find ourselves very much obliged for you to join our team. We are not the most experienced group and are mainly doing this to have fun, so the more the merrier! Please email me at kesseb362@outlook.com if you are interested and would like to know more about our ideas.


Warm Regards, Dan.


Email: Kesseb362@outlook.com


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Email Address: Kesseb362@outlook.com


PAs wanted for feature film.

Date posted: Nov 3rd, 2018

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Minnesota Made Films is looking for college students to work as PAs on our current feature film “The Adventures of Ben Keller and Christoph Schultz “. We are filming on weekends and have many positions available for PA worK. If interested in gaining experience please Contact us at bendrietz@gmail.com 


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Phone: (218) 209-1348

Email Address: bendrietz@gmail.com


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Date posted: Apr 4th, 2018

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We are working on a project titled "MINNEAPOLICE". It is one of many steps that we are taking to bridge the gap between the community and law enforcement. All of our projects focus on bringing the action to the public eye. There are many productions going on around our great state but none are seen as we are driving through our communities. We want to change that. We feel if the action is taking place in public view, it does something wonderful and productive for the community, the state, the cast involved, and our local film industry. 

This particular project is purposely filled with action. It is about a SWAT team, which will project law enforcement as being human and not just how many in our society sees them. No matter which side you stand on, peace, understanding, cooperation and security is needed from both sides.
We have planned to shoot a promo for the movie. The promo will be a shootout between the SWAT team and one of the main characters on Broadway in Minneapolis. SWAT will be in full gear. The actors/actresses will be using blank guns. The idea is to be loud and dramatic to get the community's attention. This project has elements that no other has in this state and is very necessary. The story touches on gun control, school shootings, and again, bridging the gap.
We need stand-ins and extras to complete this exciting project. If you want to be a part of a growing legacy, by all means contact me. If you think you can help with your expertise, energy and knowledge please contact me.


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Phone: (612) 559-7322

Email Address: movielegacies@gmail.com


Bobby E. Erickson - Faith In Family Films, LLC

Date posted: Mar 12th, 2018

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Who am I?   I'm glad you asked... I am a....

Corporate Resolution Manager...freelancing as a....
Singer, Songwriter, Composer, Actor, VO Talent, Screenwriter, Producer and Director in the Commercial and Film Industry. 

I'm a happily married Christian, and a father to 2 great kids, focused on Family-friendly and Faith-based projects.  In 2017, I founded "Faith In Family Films, LLC" in SE Minnesota to bring more film projects to the Midwest. 

For more information, and my resume, please feel free to visit my IMDb webpage. 


If you would like to discuss your project, or feel I may be a value-add, please don't hesitate to contact me directly, or through social media at your convenience. 

My best to you...


Contact Info

Phone: (507) 250-6372

Email Address: blerickson@charter.net

Website: http://blerickson.wixsite.com/bobbyerickson