Film/Fashion Interns Needed

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Date posted: Aug 26th, 2015

We're looking for interns.

Headcase Films & Fashion was created in January '15, and we've grown to the point where we need help! Our clothing line is launching this year, and our video/ marketing projects are in need of a few helping hands. 

We'd love to find talent in the following areas:

- Social media


-Project management

-Production assistants

The position(s) we are offering are not paid. We offer hands-on experience with a growing company, the type of creative/ management input that you will not get at larger companies, and an awesome piece to fill out that resume. 

We all started as interns here at Headcase, and we know what experience/ references are worth. We will help you after the internship is over if you need assistance in landing a "real job" ;), and you may even end up with Headcase long-term if you've got the hunger/ talent we're looking for.

Send over a resume and cover letter, be honest, and we'll let you know what we're thinking.

LTL (know it, *hint: check out our FB page) 


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Actors needed for a new community TV show

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Date posted: Aug 21st, 2015

New community TV show called: As My World Turns coming soon looking for actors. The show will highlight problems teens and young adults face in our everyday life just trying to find light at the end of the tunnel as their world turns and spins out of control.

If you are someone who has a passion to be a leader, and wants to touch the world and starting with your community. This platform welcomes you. Feel free to email or text me with any questions.


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Columbia University (NYC) Thesis Film Seeking Twin Cities Crew

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Date posted: Aug 20th, 2015

Hello all!

Director Alice Shindelar who grew up in Minneapolis, and left for New York a few years ago to pursue movie making, is now coming back to the Twin Cities to make her Columbia University MFA thesis film.


The film is a short psychological thriller called I WANT YOU INSIDE ME. I Want You Inside Me is a horror story about a teenage girl who wants to be "like one of the boys" and pursue sexual experiences without getting into a relationship, but when she does her suppressed desire for love and connection takes over causing her body to CONSUME her lovers whole. Tonally, this film is two parts body horror (Polanski & David Cronenberg) and one part teenage drama (Clueless & My So Called Life).

ABOUT THE DIRECTOR You can check out Alice Shindelar's website here:

We're bringing some professional crew and cast from NYC, and will be shooting for five days the first week of October in the Twin Cities area. The film is going to be shot by Australian DP Lara Aqel.

If you're someone who would like to get experience working a large student film that includes VFX and professional actors and filmmakers this could be a great learning experience for you. If none of the crew positions below seem to fit your talents, no sweat, there's something for almost everyone to do on a film set and we'd love to hear from you. We're always happy to train people in any department that they're interested in learning more about. 

We're seeking people to be on set for some or all of the shoot. Crew we're seeking includes:
1st AC (Sony F55 experience is a plus)
2nd AC

Are you a fanatic about detail and do you like to take lots of notes? This role allows you to stand next to the director's monitor the whole shoot.

Or anyone who has some lighting and equipment experience but would like to learn more.

Do you like building things, painting, working in the tool shed, etc? The Art Department will be in charge of building and dressing all of the sets and they'll need extra hands.

We need people with cars who know the Twin Cities area. This position could be especially interesting for people interested in learning more about the producing side of filmmaking.

Please email if you're interested in learning more about the production.


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Looking for an Animators

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Date posted: Aug 8th, 2015

We are currently looking for talented animators to help with some character designs and a one minute test reel for an animated pilot! The show is called Detective and the Dinosaur, about a middle aged detective who is partnered with a dinosaur to solve crimes of the prehistoric kind! If the reel goes well and we get funding this will turn into a paid position! 

If interested send your resume and why you think you'd be a great member of the team to 


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Cast and Crew call for action short films.

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Date posted: Aug 7th, 2015

Date Posted: 7th August, 2015.

Looking for the following crew members and cast for 3 action short films to be shot in September.

Seasoned professionals and passionate folks just starting out, feel free to send us your details/reel.

These 3 shorts are proof of concept action films. As the cliché goes, we are trying for something very ambitious with very little money. Will try to compensate in cash. Promise to compensate in kind, in whichever way we can for your projects. We own a bunch of camera equipment [RED Dragon and the like] that we could trade for your services.

We are trying to make ‘Michael Bay’esque action shorts with a lot of chases, explosions and fight scenes. We promise you a great time, a grateful credit and a copy of the finished film.



Art Director.

Set Dresser.

Stunt Coordinator.

Stunt team.

Special Effects-Makeup.

Special Effects-pyrotechnics.

Martial arts experts [sword and hand combat].

Boxing trainers [and a boxing gym for location]

Production Assistants.

Camera Assistants.

Hair/ Make-up.

Costume designers.

On-set photographer.

BTS video filmers.



Lighting technicians.

Anyone with monster trucks.

Anyone with off-road motorbikes/ATVs.


Lead Actress- Female, Early to mid-20s. Any race, athletic [lot of action in the film], good looking. Looking for someone with great screen presence.  We will audition for this role.

Not many dialogues but a lot of action. Great costumes for this character and we promise a wonderful experience being part of this fun, action film.

We are also trying very hard to find a desert kind of a location. We need a barren land with almost no civilization in sight. We will be have a few controlled explosions [by professionals] for the scene in this location. Quarries/Gravel pits probably fit the bill. Any leads will be highly appreciated.

Please email us @ with your details/demo reel



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Marketing & Communications Intern

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Date posted: Apr 1st, 2015

Job Summary:

Minimizer is seeking students who crave valuable writing and reporting experience while covering the fastest sports across the country. Like to travel? Enjoy drag and champ truck racing? Want to shoot video, interview race winners and write weekly recaps? Then this internship is for you.

Job Duties and Responsibilities:

- Travel to NHRA Drag Racing and Champ Truck World Series events on a weekly basis.

- Shoot video of all races, utilizing a multiple camera set-up, featuring GoPro and mounted cameras.

- Interview race winners, team owners and series officials.

 - Write weekly race recaps for online and internal use.

Job Requirements: 

- Must be enrolled in a degree program at a trade school, college or university which recognizes internships for class credit.

- Ability to read, write and speak English well.

- Ability to work under pressure and handle multiple tasks.

- Must possess a valid driver’s license and clean driving record.

- Flexible schedule featuring heavy travel.

- Detail-oriented with a passion for journalism.


Please contact:

Caleb Ostrander

Marketing Specialist





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DACA Documentary Looking for Team

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Date posted: Mar 16th, 2015

Want to work on a Documentary regarding DACA and the Dream Act? I have the perfect story. 

VenUS Directions, Inc. 

Looking for people who have a desire to make a difference.  Call me if interested or email me at I have over 30 years in the industry and I believe this project is one that will inspire and contribute to a better understanding of the world around us. I have already started principal photography but there is still a lot of ground to cover.

Looking for a music composer interested in creating a music score for a trailer and eventually a full-length short documentary.

(612) 720-2221





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