MONO v MONO (An Actor's Competition)

Date posted: Dec 13th, 2018

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Where Actors bring their "A" game in the form of their best 1-3 monologue.  These monologues will premiere upon the big screen, and be judged by Minneapolis' own artistic talent (Indie Filmmakers, Casting Directors and Talent Agents) from the Entertainment business.

This competition is  open to all ages, gender, race - because DIVERSITY is really what exists on this planet. If you need help choosing your monologue or have any questions please don't hesitate to reach out to the MONO v MONO team.

So grab your monologue and take this opportunity to get some great exposure!

You can register on-line at 

Executive Producer - Lee H. Jordan
Co-Producer - Ira Livingston IV 


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Phone: (612) 860-4974

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DIAMOND OF HOPE - a screenplay by Shawn Justice based on true story and novel by Francis Mandewah

Date posted: Oct 19th, 2018

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At a time in America when morale is at a rock bottom fueled by divisiveness, intolerance, and indifference that are undermining the fabric of our unique American diversity, my screenplay - DIAMOND OF HOPE - a prequel to the Hollywood "Blood Diamond" movie story starring Leonardo DiCaprio, will inspire worldwide audiences as they'll see great value of faith, interracial friendship,  uplifting the human spirit, reinforcing the virtues of love, compassion, and forgiveness, and restoring faith, hope, and dignity in humanity.

My true story will further restore America's global image and reputation as a kind, and generous people, and country, towards 'other' people as evidenced by a remarkable and a stunning life-changing true friendship story between a 14-year old impoverished and an abused African boy, and an American pilot from MILACA, MINNESOTA who was employed in the diamond mines in Africa, to fly boxes of gems and alluvial diamonds from my hometown region in Sierra Leone to Freetown, where a British Airways jet would fly the gemstones to London. This was two decades before the rebel war and Hollywood movie "Blood Diamond", and how the lives of the pilot and the African boy from different ethnic backgrounds, were significantly impacted and profoundly transformed by this unique and unusual friendship. 

Today, the boy is a grateful, productive, and contributing US citizen.

DIAMOND OF HOPE already has a solid woroldwide audience in the waiting, because my story is a prequel to the Hollywood "Blood Diamond" movie story and like the movie, my story is also a true story. My story will further appeal to fellow Christians because of the very nature of the story;  how a total stranger from Minnesota, out of his own goodwill and generosity voluntarily chose to meet and to befriend a poor black boy who was badly in need of an education, and how the stranger voluntarily gave the boy generous financial support and opportunity to education at a Catholic boarding school, and upon graduation, brought the boy to the United States and paid the boy's tuition at Massachusetts thereby tranformed the boy's life from physical abuse, war and poverty in Africa, to freedom and opportunity in America.

DIAMOND OF HOPE - is a Minnesota story that is intricately connected to the Historical Society of Minnesota; Capt. Thomas Johnson's great great grand parents - Samuel and Gideon POND - were Presbyterian Missionaries who emigrated from Geenwich, Connecticut to Minneapolis/Fort Snelling and they established the first school in Minneapolis and worked with the Dakota Native Americans. Tom's mother's maiden name was Virginia Elizabeth Pond.

Today, THE AGNES & GIDEON POND HOUSE in Bloomington, is a designated State of Minnesota Historical Society.

I am looking for producers and investors to take on interest in this very timely story for America, a story with a compellingly moving content to show case to all America and the world the power of God, how God uses His servants as instrument of His peace and the power of individual acts of kindness to profoundly trandform the lives of other people.

I hope the Minnesota Film & Television will take interest and preoduce this film.

Thank you, God bless!




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