Join Cineapolis' Ultra-Efficient Film Crews

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Cineapolis, dedicated to feature filmmaking in the Twin Cities, is currently seeking:

ART DIRECTORS - To scout locations and design sets.

COMPOSERS - To create original soundtracks and capture audio.

STYLISTS - To design costumes and style hair/makeup.

STRATEGISTS - To publicize and organize productions.

Cineapolis crews consist of five people and waste no time. This, combined with a high artistic mission, means that Cineapolis will be a dominant force in Minnesotan filmmaking in a few years' time.

Visit WWW.ASWAR.CO to read the doctrine and apply.

All members share revenue generated by their project. If you are serious about film and want to work with disciplined people who truly love the art, this is without a doubt the perfect opportunity for you. Minimum time commitment: 20 hours/wk.




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Realbighits - opening doors for creatives

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Empress just launched Real Big Hits, a new portal where creatives can upload their ideas, sizzles, characters, and finished shows for sale or funding in a closed site where only qualified, vetted buyers can view the content.  

Currently we are running contests for show ideas. DEADLINE APRIL 30th   Winners will get up to $20K in cash and service to help kick start their projects.  By uploading your ideas, sizzles and characters, you will automatically be entered in the contest. The winners will be chosen from 3 genres: Fiction, Non Fiction, Children/Young Adult.  Judges will look at popular entries, but the decision of the judges is final. Winners must verify their identity and abide by the terms as detailed at www.realbighits/termsofservice

Our new service is built on our award-winning eMAM™ platform, used by some leading 
media companies -- such as truTV, TNT, TBS, CNN, Cartoon Networks, Warner Brothers Canada -- for the past five years as an easy cloud platform for international marketing, sales and distribution of their original programming worldwide.

For more information go to or contact us with any questions.


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National Sitcom Writing Contest

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Are you a closet Sitcom writer in a 9-5 job, a college kid with a cool idea, a mom with a knack for writing killer dialogue, or maybe even a professional writer looking for a break? Regardless of who you are, the 2015 National Writing Competition --- -- is looking for a few good scripts to be reviewed by Hollywood executives, with the potential to be developed for production.

The competition is open in two categories although three awards will be given, which include cash prizes and winning scripts that will be shared with Hollywood execs (see highlighted text below) for possible development:

·         Scripts for an Original Pilot  ($250)

·         Scripts for Existing Shows ($250)

·         Best Overall Script ($500)

The 2015 National Writing Competition opens March 1, 2015 and closes June 30, 2015.  Registrations can be made at

A special script-writing workshop/webinar will take place May 16 (check website for times) with veteran writers Bo Kaprall and stand-up comedian and writer Scott Hansen. Kaprall's credits include writing for  "Saturday Night Live" and writing and producing shows like "Laverne & Shirley," "Welcome Back Kotter" and many others.  Kaprall is also the Creator and Executive Producer of a new  TV series called "Outlaw Country," debuting February 24 on the WGN America. Hansen has written for Jay Leno, Jerry Seinfeld, Louie Anderson, Tom Arnold, Roseanne Barr and others, plus appeared on HBO, Showtime, E and PBS.

All entrants will also have the opportunity to get their work critiqued by well known working writers and producers, attend a professional sitcom writing workshop and have their submissions read by studio executives and producersincluding Emmy Award Winners Louie Anderson, Jeff Cesario, Elaine Ko, Supervising Producer for "Modern Family," and Jonathan Collier, Executive Producer for "Bones," ""Monk," "The Simpsons" and "King of the Hill."

Entertainment Industry Always Looking for New Talent, Hot Scripts

"The National Sitcom Writing Competition is an excellent opportunity for students, professional writers and others to develop their funny stories, ideas, and life experiences into a pilot for a new television series or for an existing TV sitcom," Kaprall notes. "The industry is always looking for new talent and fresh ideas and the Writing Competition is an effective way to get an inside track. In fact, two 'spec scripts' were just recently picked up by Sony TV by writers who were previously unknown. "

Read the whole story here:

Past Sitcom Winners Found Experience Invaluable

Winners from the first Sitcom contest expressed their thoughts on how valuable the experience was -- and where it might lead:

"The chance to be a part of the contest was a unique and thrilling experience.  I took part in the writing workshop with Bo and Scott, and I can honestly say I wouldn't have won had it not been for their expert tutelage in regards to properly crafting a script," said Alex Walker, a Minneapolis writer who submitted the First Place work titled "Grow Up."  "They also don't sugarcoat anything -- they tell you exactly what it takes to write a good script in addition to what it takes to make it as a scriptwriter.  I received critiques from Hollywood executives regarding my script, and was even offered help in finding an agent. "


"It was lots of fun to have a table read and meet other screenwriters," noted Iowa-based writer Spencer Loucks, who wrote the Second Place script "Fathers," while Andrea Elizabeth Gardner, co-writing with Amanda Dawn Jacobson,  found the table read of the top three winning submissions -- including theirs', "Halloqueens" -- invaluable. Both were from the Twin Cities.


"The table read allowed us to see what worked and didn't work with our script. Seeing our characters come to life also gave us the confidence to pursue taking all of our projects to the next level. It may not be the easiest road to travel, but we now know we have what it takes to make it," Gardner emphasized.


"The competition is a terrific opportunity to discover if you have the gumption, passion, and talent to make it as a scriptwriter," Walker summarized -- "without having to move to LA to find out."



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Casting Call: Spring/ Summer '15

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Headcase Films & Fashion is ramping up towards the official launch of our clothing line, and there are a number of modeling & acting opportunities that will be created as a result. We are looking for the following:

-Promo Models for events around the Cities (16+, must be in good shape, must be comfortable talking to people, taking pictures, etc...)

-Website Models (13-23, must be in good shape, this is to model the clothes for use on our website i.e. American Apparel)

-Actors & Actresses (any age, we will be filming a series of ad's/ commercials/ fun promo videos for use throughout our Social Media platforms)

-Runway models (16-26, must be in great shape, tall is ideal, VERY IMPORTANT, this Late- Summer/ Early- Fall event is where we will officially launch our line)

-We are looking for models to fit the above categories, and in addition are seeking official "Headcase Girls" who would be our go-to models for photo shoots/ events/ video & more. After the fashion show we will choose from our candidate pool to select 3-4 girls who would then be given the option to work with/ for us in exchange for photos & merchandise. 

-Please read the descriptions and know which opportunity(s) you'd like to apply for when contacting us.

-Please provide a photo & resume when submitting. Any submission without a photo (does not have to be professional) will not be considered, and if you do not have a resume please provide details about you experience in the body of your message. 

-In order to be considered for any of the above opportunities a face to face meeting is required. We set meetings on Mondays at a Starbucks in Saint Paul. We're flexible and understand schedules, so explain any conflicts once we have asked to meet with you. 

-We cannot meet with everyone, and some of you may simply not fit what we are looking for at this time. However please follow Headcase Films & Fashion (FB, Twitter, IG, G+, Polyvore) for more opportunities throughout the year and beyond, even if you do not hear back from us this time. We love our people (you) and we'd love to work with you even if it doesn't happen right now.

- If you are asked to meet with us, please know something about our company and be prepared to tell us why you'd be a good choice to rep us. 

-LTL. Know what it means (hint: look through the photos on our FB page).

If you'd like to submit, just email us with the required info. and we'll get back to you if we'd like to set up a meeting. Good luck to you all, and remember:

Be yourself.
Pursue your dreams.
Never apologize.

-Headcase Films & Fashion


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Seeking Assistant Stage Manager for July Show

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Kismet Kreative Productions LLC is seeking an assistant stage manager for its upcoming production, Night Under the Ives – a compilation of 3 David Ives shows in one night. Performances are July 8-11, 2015. Opening available immediately.

The duties of the Assistant Stage Manager include, but are not limited to:

  •   Working under the direction of the Production Manager, Director, and Stage Manager
  •  Take blocking notes in the same style as the other stage managers
  •   Communicate with actors and address their needs
  •   Set up/tear down for rehearsals
  •   Assist with load-in/load-out for rehearsals and performances
  •     Take rehearsal notes to contribute to post-rehearsal emails
  •   Attend production meetings
  •   Attend all scheduled rehearsals, tech days, and performances
  •   Assist run crew with cleaning set after performances
  •   Promote the show by social media and word-of-mouth
  •   Being flexible in work hours
  •   Being flexible in work environment
  •   Completing miscellaneous tasks as assigned


Qualifications and other requirements:

  •  Previous experience required
  •  Experience with Windows 2010 or higher required
  •  Some skills using a Macintosh computer
  • Some college education preferred
  • Must have own computer and reliable transportation
For more information, please see our website,, or find us on facebook.






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Phone: (763) 913-6343

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Production Assistant Intern position for July 2015 show

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Kismet Kreative Productions LLC is seeking production assistant (PA) intern for its upcoming production, Night Under the Ives – a compilation of 3 David Ives shows in one night. Performances are July 8-11, 2015. Internship would begin 18 May 2015. 

The duties of the PA Intern include, but are not limited to:

·         Working under the direction of the Production Manager, Production Assistant, and Owner

·         Assisting with communication (email, phone calls, etc.)

·         Assisting with social media posts on sites such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc.

·         Documenting expenses for the company

·         Assisting with business finances

·         Buying office and/or stage supplies (to be reimbursed)

·         Organizing important documents (i.e. licenses, contracts)

·         Maintaining a calendar of meetings, rehearsals, personal appointments, etc.

·         Being present at rehearsals and tech days as requested by other staff

·         Discussing artistic directions and visions with the owner and giving your input when asked

·         Being flexible in work hours

·         Being flexible in work environment

·         Completing miscellaneous tasks as assigned


Qualifications and other requirements:

·         Previous experience preferred

·         Experience with Windows 2010 or higher required

·         Some skills using a Macintosh computer

·         Some college education preferred

·         Must have own computer and reliable transportation


Dates: 18 May 2015 – 17 July 2015


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Phone: (763) 913-6343

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A prominent, local (#MN), independent artist is seeking (ages 16-30) male and female dancers for a live show (2 songs) on Friday, March 27th, 2015. These dancers need to be high-energy and well-versed in Hip Hop dance. The timeline for auditions/rehearsals is less than two weeks--rehearsals starting week of March 22nd, so quick-studies to the front. You will also need to have your own transportation. If you have your own make-up or know of decent and reliable make-up artists willing to work the event, please mention that in your email.


We will be flexible with schedules, but production dates are as follows:

*TBD MEET & GREET* Sunday, March 22nd @ 12:30PM - 5PM


*FIRST REHEARSAL* Monday, March 23rd @ 6:30PM - 9PM

Tuesday, March 24th @ 6:30PM - 9PM

Wednesday, March 25th @ 6:30PM - 9PM

*DRESS REHEARSAL* Thursday, March 26th @ 6PM - 9PM

*PERFORMANCE* Friday, March 27th @ 6PM - 10PM


We will provide credit, video copy of the performance, social media coverage and promotion. There is also a high possibility to be first picked of dancers when auditions for the artist's music videos are to be shot during summer 2015.

Email Alyssa at with:


-PHOTO (Doesn't have to be professional, but CLEAR)





To schedule an audition before Saturday, March 21st. The latest we are accepting auditioners is Sunday, March 22nd. 



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Frozen River Film Festival (volunteer opportunities)

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Frozen River Film Festival is a non-profit Festival located in Winona, MN. FRFF offers documentary films and programming that engage, educate and activate our community to become involved in the world. Year after year FRFF is made possible by the help of volunteers and staff members. This festival is located on the Mississppi and runs from February 18th - 22nd. 


If you are interested in volunteering follow the link below: 

All volunteers recieve:

   A free weekend film pass to the festival (a value of $65) 


   A free limited edition T-Shirt if signed up before January 24th 

Learn more about Frozen River Film Festival here


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Phone: (612) 723-7199

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CASTING CALL: "Anterograde" (Short)

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What if you woke up everyday thinking you were living a day that you actually lived a year ago? This is what Nathaniel Greene has thought every day of his life since a serious car accident left him with severe brain damage and anterograde amnesia (short-term memory loss). He was not responsible for the accident, nor does he or anyone else know who was. His curiousness gets the best of him as he attempts to figure out who caused his frustrating life style.


“Anterograde” is a short film intended to run approximately 15 minutes.


Principal Roles:


Nathaniel Greene. 23 years old (21 – 27).

Nathan is a man seeking out a reason for his impaired memory. It is frustrating for him, knowing that he can’t remember anything after the accident that caused his memory loss. He is curious, but also pretty reserved, as he only asks questions when he feels he needs to.


Rue Willis. 24 years old (22 – 28).

Rue is a faithful and determined woman. She would do anything for the ones she loves. She is both curious and inquisitive. She also tries her best to avoid hurting people.


Lauren Greene. 21 years old (20 – 25).

Lauren is Nathan’s younger sister. She is strong, independent, and fully capable of providing her family. Though she is young, she is as responsible as a 40 year old would be, and she provides support to those she loves and cares about.



Additional Roles:


Mrs. Greene. 49 years old (40 – 60).

Mrs. Greene is Nathan’s mother. She has been weak and irresponsible ever since her husband left her earlier that year. She loves her kids so much, and she shows that when they are around, but her depression has taken over, causing her to be somewhat absent.



The auditions will take place on the following dates:

February 18th and 19th from 6pm to 10pm


Auditions are in the Mel Johnson Media Center (KTIS building). The address is 3003 Snelling Ave N, St. Paul, MN 55113. Please bring a physical copy of your headshot and resume if available. Readings from the script will be available on site, but not in advance.


Shooting will take place in the month of March. There will be approximately 5 days of shooting tentatively taking place on March 1st, 7th, 21st, 28th, and 29th.


Meals will be provided on set over applicable hours. Screen credit will be given for all included roles.


With further questions or to schedule an audition please email Eric Johnson at the following address.



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True Philia Productions, LLC Casting Call

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Current Project:
Romantic Comedy Feature Film Pre-Production concept trailer to help attract and build the audience following.

Position Description:
We are seeking a cast of creative, professional and talented people who are looking to gain the gamut of experience on this film project. Their unique and raw skills will contribute to the production of a trailer that is both captivating and of quality.

We are looking for actors with at least 2 years experience, however, our core focus is to find new and upcoming talent so we also strongly encourage those with a serious passion for the industry to apply regardless of past experience.

Open Role:
Aiyanna Marie Michaels - African American or Bi-racial woman, 29 years old, Store Merchandise Manager working for the renowned V.L. Battista.

Melanie Ryan Graham  – African American or Bi-racial woman, 24 years old, print model and graduate student studying to receive her PSY.D Clinical Psychology with an emphasis in marriage & family counseling. 

Derrick “Just Derrick” (Unfortunate date #1; meet online) – Hispanic man, 28 years old, he is an aspiring actor/model with a part-time job at the Minneapolis Parks & Recreation Center as the front desk receptionist
Joseph “Joe” Michaels (AKA “Papa” to his girls) – Race prefer African American but we're open, 65 yearsold and a retired attorney who is also Aiyanna and Melanie’s father.


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Casting Call for Viral Ad

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Headcase Films is casting for a viral ad to promote it's Trucker Caps (NOT the same as the modeling gig, if you've applied).


What we need:

*5 women, any race, must be thin (135 and under)*

Two teen (15-19)

One twenties (20-29)

One middle-aged (30-50)

One senior (50+)

The ad includes vulgar language, so do not apply if you cannot curse, and please be active in social media or you won't be considered.

Email a headshot/photo and we'll set up an audition,

Thanks!  -Headcase




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Casting Call- PAID

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We are looking for 3 female models for a PAID "Headcase Girls" photo shoot. You'll be modeling our new trucker caps. 


-Please be at least 5"5

-Any ethnicity

-Agency repped is okay (include this info. when you submit)


Send us a message (with a headshot) for more details. 






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Phone: (612) 701-7334

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