Date posted: Feb 9th, 2017

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Justine Hines

Justine is a manager from LA, she represents actors such as, Martian Sensmeiser who is featured in the movie The Magnificent Seven, alongside Chris Pratt & Denzel Washington, Raymond Cham from Teen Beach who also will be starring in a new Disney XD pilot called "MTX". She also represents Olivia Stuck from Kirby Buckets who also has appeared on Henry Danger and Game Shakers and has a recurring role on Girl Meets World.  Kim Matula stars on the lifetime series Unreal and Chelsea Harris reoccurs on Baby Daddy.




OR CALL (952) 854 8575


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Phone: (952) 854-8575

Email Address:


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Need of an office space for filming.

Date posted: Feb 5th, 2017

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A short film for the Minneapolis 50/Fifty Hope Challenge is seeking an office to film in for a scene Sunday February 12th for a morning shoot. Preferrably one that could look like or dressed to look like the office of a university dean. 

Please contact the director a if you can assist this production. We would greatly appreciate it. 


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Phone: (651) 338-8749

Email Address:


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Date posted: Jan 25th, 2017

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Heads Up Content Creators if you have interest in any of the below, send an e-mail to and a representative will contact you with much more information!




Call to find out more about how you can go on a trip to Cannes, France to attend MIPTV, the spring’s biggest TV and digital content event for professionals.  Every April, meet global entertainment industry leaders at the world’s biggest gathering of producers, distributors and buyers.  Strike distribution and co-production deals, screen the hottest new content, network & build partnerships and explore the latest industry trends.


TO MARKET, TO MARKET, is an international program that takes emerging and mid-career content creators to Cannes for an immersive experience of two (2) television markets -- MIP-TV ( and MIPCOM (


Find out more about the program’s partial scholarships and bursaries. The TO MARKET, TO MARKET  program includes the following:



·         Airport pick up and drop off


·         Welcome reception and GIFT basket


·         Hotel room in Cannes


·         Working space in an umbrella stand


·         Display racks for their promotional materials


·         Assistance scheduling their meetings




If you have interest in private education and training focused on the business aspects of television, film and digital media email us now to find out more about the To Market, To Market Program, which gives new and emerging indie producers an immersive experience of the world of TV/Film sales and distribution.


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Acting Intensive with Hollywood Coach/Director/Producer

Date posted: Jan 20th, 2017

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Will Wallace Acting Workshop

*Twin Cities*

Hollywood Indy director/producer, Will Wallace, is coming to back Minnesota to teach an

acting intensive the weekend of Feb. 3rd-5th. Will has been teaching & making films for over

a decade. He currently maintains five on-going classes in Hollywood & has taught workshops

in various cities including: London, Sydney, Miami & Seattle, (to name a few). He also

privately coaches a large number of working actors in LA.

Will Wallace Bio:

Will has produced, written, and directed over a dozen award-winning films. He is currently a

producer at Sunflower Films with Terrence Malick and Edward Pressman in Los Angeles. Will

recently produced and Directed, “Red Wing” starring: Bill Paxton, Frances Fisher & Luke

Perry, which garnished a limited theatrical release and sold to Warner Brothers for on Demand

distribution. Last year, Will directed, “Trafficked” starring: Ashley Judd, Anne Archer &

Patrick Duffy. Recently he produced and is now in post on, "Warning Shot" with Bruce Dern,

James Earl Jones & David Spade. Will is now in development on several new projects that

he’ll be producing.

As an actor, Will has played roles in on over 40 films including: "The Thin Red Line", "I Am

Sam", "Rules of Engagement", "The New World", “Broke Sky”, and “Tree of Life”. Some

of Will’s TV credits include “Leverage”, "Beverly Hills 90210" (Both Series), "Baywatch",

and "Pensacola: Wings of Gold".

Class Information:

The intensive will cover cold-reading, scene study & character development with an emphasis

on learning to make interesting choices that will separate you from the masses during the

audition process. As a coach and director Will can offer insight into the audition process and

help actors to see differences between truly becoming a character verses “acting”. The class

will also incorporate improvisation drills and additional exercises to stretch the actor's

instincts. There will also be time for a Q & A where you can ask questions about the industry

and get his advice on how to become a working actor.

Class Dates & Times: Friday, Feb. 3rd (6:00pm-9:00pm), Saturday, Feb. 4th (12:30pm-4:30pm),

& Sunday, Feb. 5th (11:00am-3:00pm).

Class location: Bill Cooper’s Acting Studio: Greenbelt Studios, 79 13th Ave., NE, Suite 201,

Minneapolis, MN 55413.

Cost: $250.00. $50 deposit required with registration form- (non-refundable).

NOTE: Class size is limited.

How to Sign Up: Contact Sara Wallace via email:

Please email Sara to request a registration form.


Contact Info

Phone: (805) 490-6716

Email Address:


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Date posted: Jan 11th, 2017

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------------- January 25 & 26th ------------

These are big final projects produced by MCTC and its students. There are many paid parts for all kinds of stories. Please take a look through and send an email to with the subject line of the script title and character you would like to audition for. Headshots and resumes should be attached to the email and labeled with your full name. This will help us organize the information. We can’t wait to hear from you and see that amazing flood of talent that the Twin Cities always provides.


Script:Unseen Sickness

Director: Tony Perkins

Filming dates: Feb 24th-26th

Synopsis: Kayla struggles with insomnia as she awakes to a world constantly changing around her. Depression controls her entire life at work and dinner, she can not stay grounded. She eventually faces her inner demons in a battle where only one can survive.


Kayla, 17-30, (Twins needed)suffers from insomnia, depression, and suicidal thoughts.

EXTRAS (families)

Script: Where I Cannot Follow

Director: Zach Swanson

Filming Dates: March 17-19th

Synopsis: Toby and his friend Graham wait by the mouth of a walkway tunnel to meet a girl named Michelle, unsure if she will ever show up. Even though Graham is skeptical of the whole thing, he wants to believe Toby’s story that he and Michelle have actually met in their dreams.


Toby - late 20s early 30s, artist, works in a call center, scared of change,

Graham - late 20s early 30s,  Frustrated social worker

Michele - 20-30, artist, lab tech, disorganized and curious

Script: Broken Path

Director: Zar Thomas

Filming Dates: March 24-26th

Synopsis: Evelyn’s husband has passed, but she keeps reliving events of her life with him. Her best friend Pam is supportive but confused.


Evelyn , 20-30 Bashful and fragile,

Pam 20-30

Michael 20-35 Evelyn’s husband (non-speaking)

Script: Unlocked

Director: Selena Bergin

Filming Dates: March 3rd-5th

Synopsis: A man, consumed by his own loneliness and isolation, desperately searches for comfort. Love is unfamiliar to a man like him, bitterness and jealousy is all he knows. When he sees the loving couple next door in a sweet, intimate embrace, he becomes consumed with finding the “key” to their happiness.


Sam 23-27 female, intimidating on the outside but actually harmless, Mary’s Girlfriend.

Mary 23-27 female, responsible and sweet, Sam’s Girlfriend.

Peter 25-28 male, intense, quiet, and visibly nervous.  

Script: Sleeper

Director: R. Spencer Hull

Filming Dates: March 17th-19th

Synopsis: Two brothers on the run seek shelter in an abandoned building. A homeless man confronts them and things quickly and violently spiral out of control.


Zack Fenrir, male, (needs to look 19), taller than his brother Scottie, cold, cunning and confident. A rebel.

Scottie Fenrir, male, (needs to look 15), short, a little pudgy, lives in his older brother’s shadow.

Reginald, late 30s-early 40s (non-speaking) a homeless man, filthy and gruff, wandering vagrant lost in booze and paranoia.

Script:  Confessions

Director: Dakota Evans

Filming Dates: March 3rd-4th

Synopsis:  Toby drunkenly wakes up to find himself dressed as a priest in a confession booth.  Before he has a chance to leave, sinners file into the church. No one is aware of his impersonation, including his heartbroken girlfriend that shows up.


TOBY, Mid 20’s, dork. He loves Nicole but he’s an inconsiderate boyfriend with little emotional expression.

NICOLE, mid 20’s,  passionate, loves Toby  OLD MAN,  55-75 yrs old. Guilt-ridden over accidentally stealing deodorant.

PRIEST, 40-60 yrs old.  21st century priest, he is loose with his properness.  Easily upset with day to day sinners.  

Script: Alleycats

Director: Nyala Sarita

Filming Dates: March 17th-19th

Synopsis: The Alleycats, a close-knit girl gang who put a fright into anyone who knows them, spend their days drinking, causing debauchery, and smashing the patriarchy. When one of their members gets kidnapped they search high and low, in true Alleycats fashion, to find their missing friend.


Peaches, female, early to mid-twenties, the leader of the pack, a tall and confident woman with a “don’t mess with me” air about her.

Kiwi, female, early to mid-twenties, small yet wiry, a veteran in bar fights with the scars to prove it.

Berry, female, early to mid-twenties, extremely charming and street smart, with a 99% chance of breaking your heart.

Cherry, female, early to mid-twenties, independent, somewhat reserved, a no nonsense kind of woman.

Catburglar, male, mid-twenties to early thirties, lanky and awkward with an air of desperation and dissatisfaction to him.

Liquor Store Clerk, mid-twenties to early thirties, typical hipster, begrudgingly stuck at a dead end job.

Script: Crossroads

Director: Brent Ceminski

Filming Dates: Mar 24th-26th

Synopsis: CLAIRE is attempting to summon the devil to make a deal to save her sister. After a presumably failed attempt she meets a stranger calling himself LOU. Lou offers her a deal.


Claire, Mid-twenties. Has a desperate and determined personality. Loves her sister.

Lou/Devil, 30- 40, charming although persistent when making a deal. Cocky when he thinks he has won.

Truck Driver, 30s. Has never hit anyone before.

Script: Pardon List

Director: Kaito Goodger

Filming Dates: Mar 10th-12th

Synopsis: A prisoner in hell is trying to negotiate his way into heaven by abusing heaven’s Pardon List. The List contains the names of souls in hell who have been on good behaviour and are allowed to join the rest of the people in heaven. The prisoner happens to be Herr Fuhrer, Adolf H.


Adolf Hitler, 20-30, seems polite and kind, but angry when he gets frustrated. (Fake German accent)

Eva Braun, 20-30s, Hitler’s wife, angry and resentful toward Hitler.

George, 20-50, strict, calm.

Meg, 20-40, busy, annoyed.

Script: Rite of Passage

Director: Nanne Sorvold

Filming Dates: Mar 24th-26th

Synopsis: Scarlett is poised to lead a group of elderly people into death, as commanded by sect leader Abraham. However, Father has other plans for his daughter. Mixing up the suicide pills, Father ensures Scarlett’s escape, as well as Abraham’s downfall. Scarlett runs through the forest and into the safe arms of a passerby.


Scarlett, mid-teens, hair to be shaved off (may be negotiable), trusting.

Father, 40s, protective of his daughter, seemingly loyal to his closest friend.

Abraham, 40s, vital and charismatic, a powerful leader.

Woman, any age (old enough to provide safety and comfort for a teenage girl).

Four-five elderly people (may be middle-aged if script change is approved).

Script: Kent

Director: Theng Pao Thao

Filming Dates: Feb 24th-26th

Synopsis: Kent and his butler decide to surprise his mother Rosemary on her birthday. She however doesn’t want him there because she thinks he is only back to steal from her again. But in truth he has come back to attone for his past.  


Kent - Late 20’s, Male, nervous, shameful and trying to turn over a new leaf.

Rosemary - 50’s - 60’s, Female, Stubborn and tough

Francis - 40’s - 50’s, Male, Caring, patient and Kent’s butler

Script: Ditches & Fields

Director: Prakshi Malik

Filming dates: March 9-12

Synopsis: Between being bullied at school and losing his mom, Finn feels completely alone. An argument with his dad escalates and Finn storms off into the backyard where he finds a horse. Finn and the horse walk in the woods behind Finn's house where he used to walk with his mom. As a vision of his mom appears and disappears, Finn gives in to his grief and sobs with the horse by his side.


Finn(Needs to look 13-16): Angry, lonely. Bullied at school, disconnected with dad at home. Grieving mom's death. Open to all races and genders. *Will be required to ride and walk alongside horse, hence previous experience with horses preferred.

Dad (late 40s, early 50s): Concerned, stern, with a temper. Unsure how to connect with Finn. Open to all races.

Mom(late 40s, early 50s): Non-speaking role. *Will be required to walk alongside a horse. Open to all races.

*Note: Horse trainers will be present on site to ensure safety for the horse, the actors and crew.  

Script: Nothing Matter

Director: Mark Hanson

Filming Dates: March 10th - 12th


Malcolm is the father of Andrew and Tarell, who are struggling with the recent Police shooting of their friend Michelle. Malcolm discovers that his sons are planning on getting revenge for her death, so a fight ensues that will forever change their lives.


Malcolm - Mid-forties, black male, has a strong presence, good father that loves his sons.

Andrew - Needs to look late teens or early twenties, black male, jaded and stubborn but smart, not willing to back down from a fight.

Tarell - Needs to look early teens, black male, a follower that idolizes his older brother Andrew.


Director: Christian Baenen

Filming Dates: March 3-5

Synopsis: Leo is still mourning the death of his girlfriend Nikki, who drowned in the Mississippi River. Despite his best friend Robbie’s attempts to cheer him up through drinking, Leo returns to where Nikki’s body was found wanting to talking to her. Nikki appears in front of Leo, seemingly perfect and seduces him into joining her in the river - to be reunited in death.


LEO: Male, early 20s, dorky, in misery and unable to fully recover from Nikki’s.

NIKKI: Female, early 20s, a river spirit who in life was homely and sweet, to Leo she appears to him with glowing skin, shining hair and seductive, in the end we see her as a rotten corpse.


ROBBIE: Male, 20s, confident and self-assured who hates to see his best friend so depressed, despite his best efforts to cheer up Leo he is unsuccessful.


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Email Address:


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Seeking Male 28-48 Rugged Type for Product Videos

Date posted: Dec 29th, 2016

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Seeking Male Actor 28-48 for product promotional video:

We're looking for an outdoors, active, rugged type of guy to cast as a spoke-personality for product video promotions and how to use videos.

We're open to candidates with tattoos and beards. Must be comfortable on camera, delivering dialogue off a teleprompter.

For consideration please submit a recent head shot and resume.

Shoot date is to fall on one of the following dates:

6, 7, 8, 9 and or 10th of January 2017.

Pay is $50.00 per hour/minimum 3-hours.

Shoot location is in NE Minneapolis.


We look forward to your submission!



To check out our other client work visit us at:


Contact Info

Phone: (612) 338-6448

Email Address:


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2017 Frozen Film Festival!

Date posted: Dec 22nd, 2016

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The 2017 Saint Paul Frozen Film Festival will take place Feb.1-4, 2017. The Second Annual festival is in search of volunteers to help in the following areas:

Ushers, Award Presenters, Q&A Moderators, party hosts, and more.


Official Selections will be notified December 26th, but we can say that there are some great names attached!

VIP Passes are now on sale, and will grant you access to all films, parties, and events: BUY NOW 

The Festival will kick-off on Wednesday, Feb. 1st with a Kick-off Party, hosted at Sakura in Downtown Saint Paul at 9pm. Enjoy free appetizers, drink specials, and more!


Contact Info

Phone: (651) 387-1867

Email Address:


Seeking a girl and her dog for social media project.

Date posted: Dec 19th, 2016

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We're in search for a female ages 18-28 who is a dog owner. Is comfortable on camera. Has a fun, friendly, likable, and approachable personality. 

The position and role is for that of a spokesperson for a dog toy company's social media channels (FaceBook, Instagram, Youtube). 

Responsibilities would be to come in studio once a month to shoot short content videos featuring various dog toy products with your pet. 

Compensation is $100.00 for 2 hours, plus of course dog toys. This is a trial test in which we hope to find the perfect candidate to scale up from there.

We're looking for someone who is social media savvy.  Located in the Minneapolis, Metro area, and has a dog who is well behaved for an in studio shooting environment.

If interested please submit a photo of you and your dog along with why you feel you would be good for this role. If you have had previous film and or theater experience, please indicate by providing us with your resume.

You can check out all of our other client work at:


We look forward to your submissions!


Contact Info

Phone: (612) 338-6448

Email Address:


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Multimedia Specialist

Date posted: Dec 16th, 2016

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Inspired People. Inspired Food.™

Established in 1891, Hormel Foods Corporation is a $9.3 billion Fortune 500 company based in Austin, Minn.  Founded upon a commitment to the highest standards of food safety and product quality, Hormel Foods continues to expand as a global maker and marketer of consumer-branded foods.  Even after 125 years, Hormel Foods follows the vision of its founder to “Originate, don’t imitate,” and seeks out people who make that a reality.   Employees at Hormel Foods are highly regarded as some of the best and brightest in the industry.   A career with Hormel Foods means joining a team of more than 20,000 people dedicated to inspiring each other and bettering food for all.  Learn more at




Video Production. Strong knowledge of professional videography and editing techniques required. Ability to transport, set up and operate production equipment such as cameras, lights, microphones, props, etc. Knowledge of nonlinear editing (FCPX preferred).


Meeting and Event AV Production. Produce, direct and manage the AV technical production for company meetings and events around the country. Ability to operate related AV technologies required for the job.


Photography. Photograph portraits, lifestyle and events Strong knowledge of professional photography equipment and lighting. Mastery of PhotoShop.


Large Format Printer Operator. Manage and operate large format printing production and installation.



  • Ability to shoot outside/inside 8+ hours a day
  • Highly developed interpersonal and leadership skills
  • Effective organizational and time management skills
  • Excellent written and verbal communication skills
  • Strong pattern of initiative
  • Attention to detail and accuracy


Additional required certifications or skills:

·A good sense of composition

·Working knowledge of internal image database, metadata and naming conventions



Austin, MN



Hormel Foods offers an excellent benefits package. Competitive base salary plus bonus, annual merit increase performance reviews, medical, dental, vision, non-contributory pension, profit sharing, 401(k) with after-tax Roth option, stock purchase plan, relocation assistance, paid vacation.



Travel may be necessary 15% of the time.


For immediate consideration, send apply online at:


Hormel Foods Corporation is an equal opportunity employer.  All qualified applicants will receive consideration for employment without regard to race, color, age, religion, gender, gender orientation, gender identity, national origin, disability, or veteran status.


Contact Info

Phone: (507) 437-5071

Email Address:


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Communications Trainer with Theater Background

Date posted: Dec 16th, 2016

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If you have theater directing experience but want to apply your performance expertise in a completely new setting, we’d like to hear from you.

We are Executive Speaking, and we are looking for a talented individual with a theater background to train our exciting new group program — Leadership Speaking Bootcamp 360. Recently featured in the Minneapolis Star Tribune, Leadership Speaking Bootcamp 360 is a first-of-its-kind approach to speaking training, featuring custom-designed peer feedback software, three-screen video analysis, and expert feedback.

Our founder/CEO Anett Grant started her career as a theater director, so she understands how valuable those skills can be in a corporate training environment. Leadership Speaking Bootcamp 360 is growing; we need you to help us grow even more. A master's degree is required; MFA preferred.

If this sounds like a good fit for you, please send your resume and cover letter to anett at execspeak dot com.


Contact Info

Phone: (612) 338-5748

Email Address:


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Writing partner

Date posted: Dec 1st, 2016

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script writing partner sought

I'm seeking a collaborator for various scripts (spec features, webisodes, pilot, short film, passion projects, etc. )

I've been writing for years and producing/directing my own work in the short film form and have completed a few feature length scripts. 

Can teach basics of screenplay formatting and practice if you come from a different writing background 


Contact Info

Phone: (415) 889-7654

Email Address:


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As Seen On TV- crew & cast needed

Date posted: Nov 30th, 2016

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As Seen On TV is a short (5 page script) video project exploring language, activism, art, advertising, and jubilee. Using narrative convention, ASOTV highlights the "you're talking a lot, but you're not saying anything"ness of advertising, as well as its proclivity to appropriate art forms for consumer advertising campaigns by employing narrative dialogue composed entirely from consumer product slogans. 


Looking for all crew roles & multiple cast roles (all, experience levels, ages, gender, race encouraged---QTPOC friendly)


please email with info about your interested role and you will receive the script in return 

Production tentatively planned for late winter/spring '17


short hours & relaxed environment 

food and possible transportation provided 


Contact Info

Phone: (415) 889-7654

Email Address:


Speechless Film Festival Is Now Accepting Entries for their 2017 Competition!

Date posted: Nov 30th, 2016

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Speechless Film Festival is now accepting entries in the following categories for our 2017 competition:

Speechless Shorts (professional)

Best of Show, $1,000

Any live-action film that features minimal dialogue with a running time under 45 minutes is eligible to submit in this category. Submissions should be driven by visual storytelling.


Speechless Shorts (student)

Best of Show, $500

Any student-made live-action film that features minimal dialogue with a running time under 45 minutes is eligible to submit in this category. Submissions should be driven by visual storytelling.



Best of Show, $500

Any live-action film with a running time under 45 minutes is eligible to submit in this category.


Best of Show, $500

Any film with a running time of 45+ minutes is eligible to submit in this category.


Made in Minnesota

Best of Show, $500

Any animated or live-action film produced primarily in Minnesota is eligible to submit in this category. Submissions will be judged on quality of work and use of visual storytelling.



Best of Show, $500

Any animated or experimental film with a running time under 20 minutes is eligible to submit in this category.

For more information, go to the website listed below:



Contact Info


Email Address:


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Practical Effects Artist Needed

Date posted: Nov 28th, 2016

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We are currently in search of a Practical Effects artist who is available for a short horror film in January. This is a time sensitive short film as it is being produced as a Z-Fest film and is very ambitious. The tone of the film is very reminiscent of 80s over the top horror and blood.

Some of the effects that are needed include but aren't limited to:

-Animating hair extensions?-Possession (prosthetic application and makeup)

-Blood rigging (spewing from mouth and also dripping from throat)

-Face melt (hot wax poured on face)


Please send recent work to to learn more about the project!??This is a paid position. Serious inquiries only.



Contact Info

Phone: (406) 380-0746

Email Address:


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