Pronoun: She/Her

Date posted: Dec 27th, 2017



Trubeauti LLC presents our LGBTQA YouTube web series, "Pronoun: She/Her" airing 2018! 
Must be 18+, preferrably 21+
Now casting a few roles from main cast (tier 1) supporting roles (tier 2) and extra's (tier 3) with opportunity for advancement. Tier 2 roles MUST enter initially as tier 3 and express interest for an audition for our many tier 2 openings. Examples: Private Detective, nurse, waitress, female identiffying "provocative"/burlesque dressed role. 

We are also specifically in need of a caucasian female who can appear to be pysically young (older teens early 20s) who is in their 3rd (preferrably middle to late) trimester of pregnancy for a single scene. 

There will be incentives post filming. Film dates will be mostly fridays and saturdays. This is an ongoing project, projecting two seasons to start. 

Upon application, please answer the following questions along with sending a headshot and a short bio  to Jess at

1) What tier are you interested in and do any of the specific roles listed interest you?

2)are you a supporter/member of the LGBTQ community? (yes/no is fine)

3) What is your availlability?

4) What is your age?

YOU MUST HAVE FACEBOOK MESSENGER TO BE INVOLVED. This is how we recruit and communicate. (you do not need a facebook account to  have facebook messenger)

We at Trubeauti look forward to working with you!




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