Interactive TV for the times!

Date posted: Jun 7th, 2020

  I am Michael Theisen and I am writing for my writing partner Ashley K. Smith also. We have written and developed a social outlet for peoples stories of either oppression or over coming it and formed it in to a TV series. These stories will be shown as coming from alien planets television programs and commercials. A fun David vs. Goliath storyline containing historical facts and yarns holds the series together while championing the oppressed as well. The lead is a female who plays both a villain and a hero who saves the entire Milky Way!
   Most of the roles are race specific and designed to make a point. A balance of respect for everyone while still not acting like living saints or “Goodie two shoes” has been achieved. The term “Dramady” best describes our story.

  In order to fill up all the numerous alien TV commercials and stories as well as give the ordinary citizen a voice, we will hold a series of public events IN THE HARD HIT COMMUNITIES where people will be encouraged to submit their stories as well as design costumes and act them out. A full learning and participation event is planned. If the story is good we will workout the rest with them and give them full credit. Thanks to 3D printing we can instantly make small action figures of their characters and post them for sale on our social media sites. This will be an inspiration to some as well as a source of income for their efforts as well as a gauge of their creatures popularity.

   Individuals and teams both amateur and professional will be allowed to participate. We will facilitate putting groups together and introducing them to each other. Even the technical crews and the make-up artists will be involved with working with and teaching the public. Attending one of our casting calls could change a persons life! 
   At least one unique flying collectable has emerged from the writing to ad income and excitement to the project. Fortunately they are made out of foam!

   We are looking for a production company to base this in Minneapolis. An old TV studio would be the perfect interior studio. 


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