Legacy Grants

Minnesota Filmmakers Legacy Reimbursement Cycle 4 Finishing Funds

(The deadline for this opportunity has passed. We are no longer accepting submissions.) 

Minnesota filmmakers Dominic Howes, Marco Juarez-Gosseling, and Joel Sheagren have been selected to receive reimbursement from the film production reimbursement program funded with Arts and Cultural Heritage Finds from Minnesota's Clean Water, Land and Legacy Amendment.  The Minnesota Filmmakers Legacy Reimbursement: Cycle IV Finishing Funds, established by Minnesota Film and TV, is designed to support feature length narrative or long form documentary projects that align with Minnesota Arts and Cultural Heritage goals.


DOMINIC HOWES -- Long form documentary: Robert Bly: A Thousand Years of Joy

Synopsis: Robert Bly: A Thousand Years of Joy is the first comprehensive film portrait of Robert Bly that presents his many engagements with American culture: as outstanding poet, groundbreaking publisher, pioneering translator of world poetry, political activist and penetrating social critic.  The film will present context for understanding how Bly's numerous creative and intellectual pursuits have influenced our culture and how they resonate around us today.


MARCOS JUAREZ-GOSSELIN -- Long form documentary: The Big Wu Way

Synopsis: This film highlights the growth of a band, a vulture and a community that took form in Northfield, MN in 1992 and grew to an influential presence in the Twin Cities and national music communities.  The Big Wu meant something to the people who followed them, supported them and made them part of their lives.  The band and its fans encapsulate the Minnesota pride that pervades many aspects of our culture. This is the story of the band, tour crews, roadies, fans, friends and family that made it all possible.  


JOEL SHEAGREN -- Long form documentary: Cracked Ice

Synopsis:  The racers arrive on the frozen lake and the races begin -- wheel to wheel driving, sliding through the curves, snow and shaved ice creating a cold fog.  It's standard racing and racing rules, but with unique skills that work nowhere else on the planet.  This is ice racing.  This documentary captures the history of how Minnesota's unique sport of ice racing began 50 years ago and how the sport continues to attract an audience today. 

Reviewers represented film and television professionals, educators, and members of arts organizations from Minnesota and focused on work samples, budget, feasibility and marketing/distribution plans.  Panelists were Lu Lippold, Ann Luster and Eric Tretbar.  Each selected project will be reimbursed for eligible expenses not to exceed 50% of the total budget.  Noted Minnesota filmmaker Craig Laurence Rice is the Program Administrator.








Questions? Please call Jill Johansen, Incentives Specialist at 612-767-0095 or email at jill@mnfilmtv.org or contact Craig Rice at 612-685-9114