As of May 2018, all Snowbate funds have been allocated.

We are not accepting applications at this time.

Please call our office for details.

The incentive is available to Feature Films, Documentaries, Music Videos, National Television Programs or Series, Television Pilots, TV Commercials, Internet and Post Production Only projects.

Rebates have increased to up to 25% of qualified MN expenditures, above the line talent (non-resident) will be included as an eligible rebate cost (cap $100K per person), and a production that spends more than $1M in MN will automatically qualify at 25% and will be audited by an independent auditor paid for by MN Film and TV.

Download all of the Snowbate guidelines, forms and terms and conditions below.  Please note that if MN photography has already begun, the project is NOT eligible to apply.

1. 2016.17_Snowbate_Guidelines.3.18FINAL.pdf




If after reviewing the guidelines, forms, and terms and conditions you still have questions, please call Incentives Specialist Jill Johansen at our office at 612.767.0095.

Applications can be faxed to our office at 612.767.2425 or sent by messenger or U.S. mail to 401 North 3rd Street, Suite 245, Minneapolis, MN 55401, attn: Snowbate.

Comments regarding the Snowbate program should be emailed to:  All comments will be forwarded to the Snowbate Operations Committee.

Please note:

Snowbate funds are limited.  If you are interested in applying to the Snowbate program, we recommend that you call our office and check on the current availability of funds.  Your entity and project applications must be approved and your project certified before any Minnesota expenditures can be reimbursed.


Current Snowbate Summary:_1._Current_Snowbate_Summary.October.2018.pdf