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Lorem Ipsum is a boutique communications and production firm located in the twin cities of Minneapolis and St. Paul.  Our stable of talent ranges from strategic thinking to flawless production management to tireless on-the-ground support.  

We work across industries from Energy, HVAC and software to consumer fitness and personal care.  

We know the city very well, and are ready to deploy at a moments notice.  Give us a call!  


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Animation / Motion Graphics / Digital Intermediate / Editors: Video / Commercial/Corporate / Multi-Media / Still Photo / Art Department Coordinators / Art Directors, Set Designers / Assistant Directors / Associate Producers / Directors / Drivers, Chauffeurs, Operators / Line Producers / Location Managers, Location Scouts / Makeup Artists / Personal Assistants / Post Production Supervisors / Producers / Producers: Agency / Production Apprentice / Producers: TV / Production Assistants / Production Coordinators / Production Designers / Scenic Artists, Painters / Script Writers: Commercial / Script Writers: Corporate / Still Photographers / Storyboard Artists / Advertising Agencies / Airport Greeters / Digital and Interactive / Graphic Design / Marketing Services / Meetings & Events / Script Consultant


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SPLICE® is post-production.  Our eclectic mix of artists includes visual effects, motion design, edit, color and sound supported by a powerful team of technologists.  We partner with brands, agencies, networks, production companies and filmmakers to tell visually compelling stories in unique ways across all platforms.  We provide experience and exceptional client care with tech-enabled creative.  Collaborations include feature, broadcast, commercial and experiential design.


Davinci Resolve / NUKE Studio / Houdini / Maya / SynthEyes / PFTrack / Cinema 4D / After Effects / Photoshop / FCPX / Avid / Premier / SAN / DCP / Offline / Online / DI / VFX / Finishing / Color Grading / Remote Color / ISDN VO / Voice Over


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Phones: (612) 767-1111 (Office)

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Websites: SPLICE®

Chris Ray, (612) 767-1111,


Title/Name: The Harbinger
Client/Production Company: Veteran Films
Year: 2019

Title/Name: Tuscaloosa
Client/Production Company: Riley Harder Films
Year: 2019

Title/Name: Arrow
Client/Production Company: The CW Network
Year: 2016-2019

Title/Name: In an Instant
Client/Production Company: Committee Films
Year: 2015-2018

Title/Name: The Cars That Made America
Client/Production Company: Magilla Entertainment
Year: 2017