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A vehicle supply company for the film industry. We can supply your production with any vehicle you can dream up!


 We have a CAMERA CAR AND 2 process trailers!  With 4' outrigger decks so a camera operator and other crew can ride onboard with the vehicle on the trailer! Very low profile so you see the mail boxes go by! 


Both female and male Stunt/precision drivers with many driving credits in both precision and stunt categories! We can perform the precision and or stunts you need!

We have over a dozen Vehicle accidents to our credits! Never an  injury as the accident is layed out with so much planning it's like a ride at the fair by the time it's preformed! 

We have two  HURRICANE WIND MACHINES That are run on electric power so they can work in doors or out! They are towed behind a truck on their own 4' square trailer With a removable draw bar and 4 drop down Wheels so it does not take up much room and is easy to move! 

Four new matching police cars with low profile LED top lighting!  Not counting the vintage police cars both under cover and high profile! 

Anbulances, fire trucks you name it we have it! 

All your vehicle needs in a one stop shopping vehicle house with well over 700  film jobs to out credits dating well back into the early 1990s. Give us a call for rates on anything and everything! 

Standard picture car rental starts at  $300. Wind machine rents for $400 a 8 hour day with an operator. canera car $750 a day. $1,400 with the new process trailer.


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(612) 518-7720 (Office)
(612) 518-7720 (Cell)

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Websites: Props on Wheels

Brian Denny, (612) 518-7720,
madeline Denny, (651) 802-9724,


Title/Name: Ida's Story
Client/Production Company: Girls by TV Prod.
Year: 2007

Title/Name: The Owl's, Music video
Client/Production Company: Magic market records
Year: 2006

Title/Name: Shakespear Fishing rods
Client/Production Company: Twist
Year: 2006

Title/Name: Minnesota Twins
Client/Production Company: Periscope Production
Year: 2006

Title/Name: Dead of Night
Client/Production Company: Dead of Winter Production
Year: 2007

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