Michael Lindquist

1st AC, 2nd AC, Operator. IATSE600, Midwest and Western 13 Roster

DPs worked with: Roger Deakins, Chris Menges, Ed Lachman, Robert Yeoman, Quyen Tran, Dick Pope, Matty Libatique, Fred Elmes, Julio Macat, Darius Khondji, Daniel Pearl, Don Burgess, Elliot Davis, Kramer Morgenthau, Lance Acord, Chris Soos, Bryan Newman

Contact Info

Phones: (612) 328-2902 (Cell)

Email Address: magneticnorth22@hotmail.com

Websites: IMDB

Michael Lindquist, magneticnorth22@hotmail.com


Title/Name: A Serious Man
Client/Production Company: Big Minyan Films
Year: 2008

Title/Name: Family Wedding
Client/Production Company: Sneak Preview
Year: 2009

Title/Name: Twilight
Client/Production Company: Sony Pictures
Year: 2008

Title/Name: North Country
Client/Production Company: Warner Bros
Year: 2005

Title/Name: Prairie Home Companion
Client/Production Company: Guy Noir Productions
Year: 2010

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Camera Assistants/DITs