Flight Creative Media

Flight Creative Media is a full service video production agency located in Minneapolis. We are also a Part 107 licensed and insured UAS (drone) operator. Our teams fly the DJI Inspire 2 with dual operator capabilities.

We produce advertising, business and non-profit, educational, and creative projects for a variety of clients and industries. At Flight Creative Media, our mission is to tell visually compelling stories that inform, engage, and inspire to communicate ideas that advance the common good.

We invite you to connect with us.

Contact Info

Phones: (612) 564-1690 (Office)

Email Address: info@flightcreativemedia.com

Websites: Flight Creative Media

Bob Knudsen, (651) 269-4870, bob@flightcreativemedia.com
Nate Haustein, (651) 380-7915, nate@flightcreativemedia.com
Jack Knudsen, (651) 269-4863, jack@flightcreativemedia.com