-Jeff Saunders-

CINE Golden Eagle Winner, 2 time National Emmy Nominee, ADDY winner, Several Telly's.

Documentary, Commercial and TV work for clients including:

2020 NBC Sports Olympic swimming feature, Philidelphia 76/ers hype video, Phillidelphia Flyers hype video, PBS NOVA-Mysteries of Sleep, 
NFL-Super Bowl LII interview with Justin Timberlake, NOVA-Decoding the Weather machine, NBC Sports-2016 Olympic Swimming Features, National Geographic, Discovery Channel, PBS, ESPN E:60, HBO, Showtime, Big Lots national campaign, Charbroil Grills, Wells Fargo, Best Buy, Target, 2U, City Drive Films-Landmarks Live in Concert (Brad Paisley, Alecia Keys, Kings of Leon),

MUSEUM FILMS: "Tides of Time" Flint Hills Discovery Center, "Texas Deep Time"-Witte Museum (San Antonio, TX), National Police Museum (Washington, DC). All for Donna Lawrence Productions.

International travel experience in 32 countries including The Peruvian Amazon, the Serengeti, Tanzania, Zanzibar, Easter Island, Kenya, Ethiopia, Bali Indonesia, Malaysia, Taiwan, China, Honduras, Nicaragua, Guatemala, Argentina, London, France, Amsterdam, Ireland, Spain, Portugal, Russia, Switzerland, Denali Base Camp-Alaska, Attu Island-Alaska, Kodiak Island-Alaska, Chile, Vietnam.

Arri Amira Premium, Canon 17-120 zoom lens, Sigma Art PL Cine Prime set, Sony FX9, (2) Sony FS7's, Canon 5D Mark IV. PL, Nikon & Canon mount lenses, Ronin M 3 Axis Stabilizer, Libec Jib arm, Wally Dolly, Dana Dolly, HMI’s, Tungsten, Aladdin LED’s and a Dodge Ram Promaster G&E/Camera van.

Contact Info

Phones: (612) 802-6854 (Cell)

Email Address: jeff@jsaunders.com

Websites: www.jsaunders.com


Title/Name: 2020 Olympics swimmer feature
Client/Production Company: NBC Olympics Division
Year: 2020

Title/Name: Mysteries of Sleep
Client/Production Company: NOVA/PBS
Year: 2020

Title/Name: Phillidelphia76'ers Hype Video
Client/Production Company: Phillidelphia76'ers/Triglass
Year: 2019

Title/Name: Decoding the Weather Machine
Client/Production Company: NOVA
Year: 2017

Title/Name: Super Bowl LII - Justin TImberlake Interview
Client/Production Company: NFL
Year: 2018

Title/Name: Director of Photography
Client/Production Company: City Drive-Landmarks Live in Concert (Brad Paisley, Alicia Keys, Kings of Leon)
Year: 2017

Title/Name: Texas Deep Time (Museum film-Witte Museum, San Antonio, TX)
Client/Production Company: Donna Lawrence Productions
Year: 2017

Title/Name: NBC Olympics feature-Micheal Phelps
Client/Production Company: NBC Sports-2016 Olympics
Year: 2016

Title/Name: Eating Up Easter (Documentary about sustainability on Easter Island)
Client/Production Company: Mara Films
Year: 2011-2017

Title/Name: BOSE - Larry Fitzgerald (National Spot)
Client/Production Company: BOSE
Year: 2016

Title/Name: Blue Cross/Blue Shield - Spots
Client/Production Company: Flint Communications
Year: 2016

Title/Name: St. Jude Medical/Abbott (National Spot)
Client/Production Company: Quiet Island Films
Year: 2016

Title/Name: Tides of Time (Museum Film - Flint Hills Discovery Center, Kansas)
Client/Production Company: Donna Lawrence Productions
Year: 2010

Title/Name: Naked Science-Comets, Space Junk, Alien Lifeforms
Client/Production Company: National Geographic-Think Film, Inc.
Year: 2008

Title/Name: Steve Miller Band (Live from Chicago Documentary)
Client/Production Company: Coming Home Productions
Year: 2008

Title/Name: 100 Greatest Discoveries (8 hour series hosted by Bill Nye)
Client/Production Company: Think Film, Inc.
Year: 2006