Owen Brafford

Howdy! I started as an editor in 2008, then slowly moved to production. I worked in many departments, including production (AD, 2nd, and extensive PA work), camera, art department, and sound. I moved to the sound department exclusively in 2011 and love it! I've worked on dozens of short films, features, commercials, broadcast, web content, documentaries, and other projects.


Gear gear gear:

Sound Devices mixer/recorders ( 633 - 6 channel, 664, 12 channel )

K-Tek carbon fiber, internally-cabled boom poles ( K202CCR, K102CCR, K152PRO )

Schoeps mics ( CMIT shotgun for EXT, CCM41 hypercardioid for INT, CCM4 and CCM8 Mid/Side Rig )

Oktava and Sennheiser backup / plant mics

Lectrosonics wireless systems for lavs ( 2x SMQV, 2x WM [waterproof], 2x SRb) with Sanken and Countryman mics

Audio Ltd wireless boom/lav options

Sennheiser camera hop / IFB system

Timecode slate (Denecke TS-C) and Tentacle Sync boxes

Specialty Items: 6 Motorola CP200 walkies with earpieces, QSC PA system, Radial Engineering routing boxes (Mic Splitter, AV splitter box), Ambient ASF-1 hydrophone, Big Ears parabolic reflector, Audix drum mic array, contact mics, electro-mics, geophones, I can keep going...

I do post-production work in Logic Pro X, and extensively use iZotope repair software. I've also taken an interest in impulse response gathering as a form of architectural archiving. 

Also an amateur composer and dual citizen (US and Ireland / EU, which can help with visas)



Contact Info

Phones: (901) 486-8861 (Cell)

Email Address: owen.brafford@gmail.com

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