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Greg Brosofske (Composer / Sound Design / Digital Media Design) has worked as a composer and sound designer in the Twin Cities and Chicago for the past sixteen years. For the past two years he has done work in digital media design. He is a longtime collaborator with dance company Black Label Movement and has written much music for theater: Guthrie Theater, California Shakespeare Theater, Jungle Theater and many more. He has received two Live Music for Dance grants from the American Composer's Forum, a Jerome Fund for New Music as well as several grants from the Minnesota Arts Council. He has written scores for independent films including Danish filmmaker Carlos Alvarez's 'Human Rights', which won an award at the 60Second Short Film Fest in Copenhagen.

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Greg Brosofske, 6125903362,


Title/Name: 'Human Rights' (spot)
Client/Production Company: Carlos Alvarez dir.
Year: 2012

Title/Name: 'Regular Joe' (film)
Client/Production Company: Red Dilemma Productions
Year: 2007

Title/Name: 'The Beauty King'
Client/Production Company: Juliah Rueckert dir.
Year: 2006

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