A multimedia Producer, Director, Cinematographer, & Editor, I am a Jack of all trades and a master of most of them.

With over 25+ years in the business, there's not much I haven't done or seen, and my work spans the gamut of genres. 2020 has seen me producing a lot of veirtual events filled with high quality media production, with budgets ranging from $4k to $100k. 

I have a BA in Communication and an M.Ed. in Learning Technologies, and I am available for multiple roles in the areas of consulting, writing, production, promotion, & celebration. 

I am also a musician, a family man, a lifelong learner, and community activist. I look forward to meeting you!

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Phones: (651) 558-6290 (Cell)

Email Address:

Websites: McCauley Media Group


Title/Name: Ascentis SKO 2021 - Virtual Event
Client/Production Company: Ascentis Software Company
Year: 2021

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