Travis Johansen - Director of Photography

I work with agencies and organizations to bring their vision to life on screen. Big screens, broadcast screens, streaming screens, and little screens we fit in our pocket. 

As an owner/operator for Canon, Sony, Panasonic, and BlackMagic (tbh I rent RED), I'm always pushing the limits with what our gear can create and ready to capture the footage you need whether that's with a DSLR or cinema camera.

My goal is to create amazing images but also to be easy to work with. That's why I'm always available via email, call or text. 

I've been full-time for 8+ years doing projects all over the USA. In 2020, I've been to Alabama, Arizona, South Dakota. In recent years I've been Florida, Washington DC, Ohio, Nevada, Wyoming, Illinois, Wisconsin, and I'm forgetting a few more.

Thankfully I'm near a Delta Hub - which allows me to handle projects anywhere (look up MSP airport to see how many direct flights there are). 

If you have a storyboard or a directors treatment, or if you have any questions you can just drop me a message

Talk soon,




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Phones: (612) 208-8819 (Cell)

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