Brennan Vance

Brennan Vance is a Minneapolis-based filmmaker, Emmy-winning cinematographer and McKnight Media Arts Fellow. He is the writer and director of the fiction feature The Missing Sun [KINOSCOPE] and has served as cinematographer for numerous documentaries including Memories of a Penitent Heart [PBS POV], Robert Klein Still Can’t Stop His Leg [STARZ], and the forthcoming films Magic & Monsters, directed by Norah Shapiro, and You Were My First Boyfriend, directed by Cecilia Aldarondo. Most recently, he and fellow filmmaker James Christenson were awarded the Tribeca Film Institute’s IF/Then grant to complete their short film To Be Reconciled, about one Minnesota man’s relentless fight against deportation.

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Phones: (612) 751-2812 (Cell)

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Title/Name: Memories of a Penitent Heart
Client/Production Company: PBS POV
Year: 2016

Title/Name: Robert Klein Still Can't Stop His Leg
Client/Production Company: STARZ
Year: 2016

Title/Name: The Missing Sun
Client/Production Company: Alma & Alma
Year: 2017

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