I have 20 years of experience writing and directing effective video programs on health care topics, including patient education across a wide diversity of clinical specialities, groundbreaking research in regenerative medicine and other fields, health care reform and more.  I also write and direct video programs supporting institutional priorities, such as development campaigns, benefactor recognition, recruiting and the opening of new facilities.  In addition, I have written and directed award-winning documentaries, short fictional films and plays on individuals and milestones of medical history.

I believe in taking creative approaches that make the most of the medium, with an understanding of how video works best as an educational and persuasive tool.

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Phones: (651) 329-1881 (Cell)

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Tom Williams, (651) 329-1881,


Title/Name: 10 Easy Steps to a Healthier You
Client/Production Company: Mayo Clinic
Year: 2017

Title/Name: Living with Chronic Cancer
Client/Production Company: Mayo Clinic
Year: 2016

Title/Name: Peace and Good: The Sisters of St. Francis Welcome You to Assisi Heights
Client/Production Company: Academy of Our Lady of Lourdes
Year: 2015

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