Christopher Lange

I am a DP with a strength in image creation, in exploring both traditional and experimental visual techniques to fully interact with story, character, theme, and mood.

Experienced with digital cinema formats from Sony, Canon, Panasonic, Red, Arri; 35mm and 16mm film; short and feature narrative or documentary filmmaking.  

Passionate, easy-going, and creatively versatile; I will be a skillful advocate for your project, working with imagination, care, and craft.

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Phones: (651) 983-5779 (Office)

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Websites: Christopher Lange

Chris Lange, (651) 983-5779,


Title/Name: Project Eden: Vol. I
Client/Production Company: Mad Anth'm Productions
Year: 2017

Title/Name: Special Ed
Client/Production Company: Peanut Productions
Year: 2018

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