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Interested in working with corporate and non-profit clients on developing communications and creative strategy, and then filming, writing and editing commercials and other videos, including infomercials. I invite you to see some work samples at: www.donnyrowles.com 


Contact Info

Phones: (507) 993-3975 (Office)

Email Address: donny@donnyrowles.com

Websites: Hey! Original Storytelling

Donny Rowles, (507) 993-3975, donny@donnyrowles.com


Title/Name: Get Up! The Miracle Story of Jarvis Johnson
Client/Production Company: Hey! Original Television - http://www.thejarvismiracle.com/
Year: 2015

Title/Name: Women's Shelter "You Are Not Alone" Video
Client/Production Company: Women's Shelter, Inc. - http://www.womens-shelter.org/videos/index.html
Year: 2015

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