Kenneth Gammell

I am a Video Editor working in Corporate and Broadcast Video for over 25 years. Recently I was Director and Editor for a monthly television show. My duties include editing, graphic design, effects, mastering, and compressing video for the internet. Previously I was Senior Editor and Videographer for the video production company Hoffman Communications. Along with freelance work, my clients have included Dairy Queen, 3M, Buffalo Wild Wings, Seagate, General Mills, and Comedy Central. 

My experience brings a higher degree of quality to video projects. I enjoy exceeding expectations for clients along with humor and a professional attitude.


Multimedia: Adobe Creative Suite.

Video:  Premiere Pro, Final Cut Pro, Avid, DVD Studio Pro, Compressor. 

Motion Graphics:  After Effects, Motion, Animate. 

Sound Design:  Logic Pro, Pro Tools, Audition.

Contact Info

Phones: (651) 334-6293 (Office)

Email Address:

Websites: Portfolio Site


Title/Name: Let's Bowl
Client/Production Company: Comedy Central
Year: 2000

Title/Name: Disability Viewpoints
Client/Production Company: CTV
Year: 2011-2018

Title/Name: Entrepreneur of the Year
Client/Production Company: Ernst & Young
Year: 2005-2007

Title/Name: National Meeting
Client/Production Company: Dairy Queen
Year: 2005-2007

Title/Name: National Convention
Client/Production Company: Buffalo Wild Wings
Year: 2005-2007

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