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Warner Bros, Disney, Paramount, Focus Features, Fox, IFP,  Sundance, Anonymous Content, Super Prime, Neighborhood Film

Minnesota and now New York!!!!

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(612) 366-1439 (Office)
(612) 812-9218 (Office)

Email Address: anne@healylocations.com

Healy Locations

Anne Healy, (612) 366-1439, anne@healylocations.com


Title/Name: Documentary Now!
Client/Production Company: IFC channel
Year: 2016

Title/Name: Location Scout and Manager
Client/Production Company: SuperPrime-Coors, Anonymous Content, Target, Under Armour, Chrysler, Hunter Douglas, General Mills, 3M, Nike, Adidas, Sears, K Mart, Honda, Ford, so on
Year: Currently

Title/Name: A Serious Man
Client/Production Company: Focus Features
Year: 2009

Title/Name: Public Enemies
Client/Production Company: Universal
Year: 2009

Title/Name: Thin Ice
Client/Production Company: Werc Werk Works
Year: 2010

Title/Name: North Country
Client/Production Company: Warner Brothers
Year: 2005

Title/Name: Kumiko Treasure Hunter
Client/Production Company: Zellner/Ad Hominem
Year: 2013

Title/Name: A Simple Plan/Beautiful Girls/Grumpier Old Men
Client/Production Company: Paramount/Miramax/Warner Bros
Year: 1995-2001

Title/Name: Tuscaloosa
Client/Production Company: Tuscaloosa LLC
Year: 2018

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