Patrick Schaefer / Lake 3 Sound LLC

Hello!  I'm a production sound mixer with complete equipment packages and experience recording audio for television, commercials, film, documentaries, corporate videos, web content, and more.

Please see for credits/clients, gear list, and examples of my work.


Equipment available includes:

-Full production packages, tailored to the needs of each project

-Mixers / recorders from Sound Devices (788t-SSD w/ CL-8, 633, 702t, 442)

-Wireless talent mics (lavs), handheld mics, camera hops, and IFBs (client/director headsets) from Lectrosonics and Sennheiser (Lectrosonics SMQV, UM400, UT400, UCR411, UCR401, SRb; Sennheiser 2000)

-Shotgun / boom mics from Schoeps (CMIT-5u and CMC641) and Sennheiser (MKH416 and MKH40)

-Stereo microphone rigs from Schoeps and Sennheiser (mid/side)

-Timecode by Denecke (TS-C slate) and Mozegear (TIG-Q28 syncboxes)

-Specialty items: Big Ears parabolic reflector, Ambient ASF-1 hydrophone, PSC induction earpiece, etc.

-and lots more!

Please contact to disucss the needs of your project.



Patrick Schaefer


Contact Info

Phones: (480) 682-7264 (Cell)

Email Address:


Patrick Schaefer, (480) 682-7264,


Title/Name: Please refer to for credit/client information
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Year: 2020

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