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I have been working on movies since 1991 and on picture cars since 1995. The first movie I worked picture cars on was fargo. I work on every major movie that comes through Minnesota some pictures cars some captain. I have worked on picture cars in Cleveland, Iowa, Pittsburgh, New Orleans, And Minnesota. On Serious Man on certain days I had 90 picture cars working. If you need more credits please contact me. I'm working on a web page but I do have some picturess on facebook. I can arrange helicopter's that are local and have done film work.

Contact Info

Phones: (612) 386-0885 (Cell)

Email Address: udelsson@aol.com

Michael Hallett-Arnold, (612) 386-0885, udelsson@aol.com


Title/Name: Fargo
Client/Production Company: Coen Brother's
Year: 1995

Title/Name: Simple Plan
Client/Production Company: Paramount Pictures
Year: 1998

Title/Name: Wonder Boys
Client/Production Company: Paramount Pictures
Year: 1998

Title/Name: Serious Man
Client/Production Company: Universal Studios
Year: 2008

Title/Name: Wilson
Client/Production Company: Fox Searchlight
Year: 2015

Title/Name: Documentary Now
Client/Production Company: IFC
Year: 2016

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