Cheri Anderson

Creative and thoughtful individual enjoys creating environments to inspire.  Proven ability to understand what is needed, develop and implement a plan that accomplishes goals within project budget. Enjoy all aspects of the process from planning to production. Fabulous eye for art direction and design.  A director I worked with recently gave me a lovely compliment when he said “Cheri stands for cinematic excellence.”

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Phones: (612) 644-6600 (Cell)

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Websites: Cheri Anderson Design

Cheri Anderson, (612) 644-6600,


Title/Name: The Blood Stripe
Client/Production Company: Tandem Pictures
Year: 2014

Title/Name: Dear White People
Client/Production Company: Duly Noted Inc., Effie Brown, Producer
Year: 2013

Title/Name: Solitude
Client/Production Company: Ensomhet Films/ Phylo Films
Year: 2013

Title/Name: Control Group
Client/Production Company: Point and Shoot Productions
Year: 2012

Title/Name: Thin Ice
Client/Production Company: Werc Werk Works Productions
Year: 2011

Title/Name: The Life Of Riley
Client/Production Company: 4 Track Films
Year: 2009

Title/Name: The Inheritance
Client/Production Company: Duly Noted Productions
Year: 2008

Title/Name: Paulie Go!
Client/Production Company: Paulie's Film LLC
Year: 2020

Title/Name: The Christmas Listing
Client/Production Company: Nice
Year: 2020

Title/Name: The Nanny
Client/Production Company: Epic Pictures Group
Year: 2017

Title/Name: The Harbinger
Client/Production Company: Veteran Films
Year: 2018

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