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Minnesota Projects In Development

Minnesota is home to exciting and fresh voices in film, documentary, TV, and web series creation. Many of the projects currently in development are seeking support from donors or investors, or looking for distribution. At MN Film & TV, we want to shine a spotlight on a few of these projects that are in development right here at home.

Blues Man

Feature Film

Produced by Dan Chinander, Rowdy Herrington, Craig Rice, and Mike Madden

Screenplay by Dan Chinander

Directed by Rowdy Herrington

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17-year old David MacLean’s only dream in life is to become a national hip-hop artist.  After his mother’s deployment overseas, David’s dreams are shattered when he is forced to leave Los Angeles to go live with his grandmother at a retirement community in Visby Falls, Minnesota.  Not liking small-town living, David reluctantly accepts the reality that he is facing a long and boring year.  That is, until he meets the McKinney Brothers.  The McKinney Brothers are three old blues men from Mississippi that were displaced by a hurricane and relocated by FEMA to the same retirement community as David.  Initially, David and the McKinneys have little in common, especially when it comes to their music, but in very short order they overcome their differences and David begins to learn a whole new side of music which is the very foundation of his Hip Hop. 


Web Series

Produced by E.G. Bailey and Sha Cage

Written and directed by E.G. Bailey


#Brothers follows the lives of young Black men in Minneapolis/St. Paul, Minnesota, as they navigate through the joy and challenges of life while pursuing their dreams. This is the first part of the first episode of the series.

Master Servant

Short Film

Produced by Julie Koehnen, Ace Allgood, Steven Elbert, and Ruth Maramis

Written and directed by Julie Koehnen

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A short film inspired by true events of the Gilded Age and the Industrial Revolution.On the very night of the celebration of the Great Northwest’s completion of the transcontinental railroad, a catastrophic explosion at the railroad yard kills many of its workers and devastates the lives of their loved ones.

Determined to celebrate this great achievement, railroad executive Samuel Blackburn, struggles to remain indifferent to his workers’ losses and to celebrate alongside the Social Elite. 

Master Servant

The Hunter

Feature Film

Written by Alex Gutterman

Directed by Alex Gutterman and Nora Targonski O'Brien

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A self-satisfied group of actors are struggling with an experimental performance piece. The themes of their work, based on the Book of Ecclesiastes, begin to surface in their lives as they rehearse and prepare.

THE HUNTER Informational Interview from Alexander P Gutterman on Vimeo.