To obtain a permit to film in the city of Minneapolis you must complete the ROWAY online permit application form.  The ROWAY application covers street and sidewalk obstruction permits, police (traffic control), water hydrant permits, amplified sound and meter hooding.  Regulatory services staff cannot respond to permit requests until the online application form has been submitted.

Be sure to provide as much information as possible to assist Minneapolis regulatory services staff in approving your permit. Please note: the City of Minneapolis does not provide barricade equipment or an on-site liaison.

After completion of ROWAY application if you require additional assistance contact the Obstruction Permitting Team at 612.400.5559.


Completed application can be emailed to the Park Board. Park Board staff cannot respond to permit requests until they have received an application. Be sure to provide as much information as possible to assist Park Board staff in correctly assessing your fee.

Contact: Customer Service Department (Application must be completed before calling)
Phone: 612.230.6400
Email: permits@minneapolisparks.org

Please send an email outlining your request before calling. All requests must be in writing.

Contact: Tim Drew
Phone: 612.673.2152
Email: timothy.drew@minneapolismn.gov

The University of Minnesota's historic campus, buildings, and scenic interior and exterior locations provide exceptional locales for any production. Requests to film or photograph on any of the University's campuses are reviewed on an individual basis. Please visit our Filming and Photography on Campus webpage to learn more about the request process and fee structure.

Contact: Meg Giesen, MS
Phone: 612.659.6892
Email: meg.giesen@minneapolis.edu

Contact: Rachel Joyce
Email: rachel.joyce@walkerart.org


St. Paul Locations

The “Film it in St. Paul” website is THE resource for information about filming in the city, including street permits, parks, traffic control and security and St. Paul location assistance. 

Website: Film it in St. Paul
Permits for Streets & Sidewalks: Public Works Right-of-Way Office
Phone: 651.266.6151 
Email: pw-rowpermits@ci.stpaul.mn.us
Park Permits: Division of Parks and Recreation
Phone: 651.266.6400


To obtain permission for shooting at the state capitol, follow the application instructions.

Contact:  Anne Johnson, State Capitol Facilities Manager
Phone: 651.201.2300

Includes Harriet Island, Como Park, Upper Landing
Department of Parks and Recreation Permits Office

Phone: 651.632.5111


Contact: Matt Reinartz, Marketing and Public Relations Officer
Phone:  651.487.8294
Email: matt.reinartz@ci.stpaul.mn.us


The Upper Midwest Film Office works collaboratively with the Minnesota Film and TV Board and other regional, national, and international interests to attract production opportunities.

UMFO is the administrator of the St Louis County Rebate incentive.  Other services include location, crew and service referrals, permitting assistance, initial location scouting,  press and public relations help, introductions to key officials, and the primary point of contact for professional services in Northern Minnesota.

Contact: Shari Marshik, Executive Director 
Phone: 218.461.1628
Email: exec@uppermidwestfilmtv.org 
Contact: Riki McManus, Chief Production Officer
Phone: 218.940.3770
Email: Riki@uppermidwestfilmtv.org 


Shooting in Minnesota State Parks requires a permit from the individual park. Fees vary according to the complexity of the shoot and park usage. Please note: Preferred lead time is 30 days--approvals take longer especially if drones are involved.

Contact: Deborah Locke
Phone: 651.259.5695
Email: deborah.locke@state.mn.us


Contact: Steve Carroll, Media Unit Supervisor 
Phone: 651.259.5342 
Email: steve.carroll@state.mn.us

Important information regarding electrical licensing, electrical inspections, equipment approval, and the requirements of the National Electrical Code for filmmaking, motion picture production, and similar entertainment projects and events that employ portable generators, vehicle-or trailer-mounted generators, portable electrical power distribution, and all other electrical work as defined by Minnesota statutes.

Contact: Dean Hunter, Assistant Chief Electrical Inspections
Phone: 651.284.5314
Email: dean.hunter@state.mn.us


State highway/freeway filming only.  State Troopers are not required on all shoots. When shooting on country roads or municipal roads, local jurisdictions will handle police. 

Contact: Lt. Gordon Shank
Public Information Officer, Minnesota State Patrol
Office: 651.201.7146
Cell: 651.343.4680
Email: Gordon.Shank@state.mn.us


Information about all Minnesota municipalities.



Metro Transit issues permits for shooting on all metro buses, trains, rail station platforms and park and rides. Lead time is 60 days.

Contact: Imee Clark
Phone: 612.349.7369
Email: imee.clark@metrotransit.org


The Minnesota Department of Transportation issues permits for shooting on metro state highways.  Contact local jurisdictions for county and city roads.

Contact: Buck Craig, Roadway Regulation Supervisor
Phone: 651.234.7911
Email: buck.craig@state.mn.us


Filming at the airport requires a permit from the Airport Director’s Office for anyone without valid media credentials wishing to conduct commercial photo shoots or filming at Minneapolis-St. Paul International Airport or on any Metropolitan Airports Commission-owned properties, including the Reliever Airports. Permit applications also must pay all applicable location, labor and administrative fees and provide proof of insurance prior to taking photos or filming. Photo shoots or filming in areas leased by airlines, food or retail concessions, or other entities also require approval of the respective leaseholder. Please note larger scale projects may take up to 3 weeks for approval.

Contact: Katlyn Schenck
Phone: 612.726.5574
Email: mspcustomerserice@mspmac.org


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