Made in MN TV

Minnesota has an exceptionally large and highly-acclaimed television production industry. We are home to production companies making top-rated shows about everything from home renovation to bizarre foods to great out-of-the-way places to dine throughout the world. Tremendous Entertainment's Rock the Park was picked up by ABC in 2015 and Committee Films In an Instant is a hit for ABC's primetime programming.  Amazon's animated pilot Danger & Eggs got great reviews and the highly anticipated Netflix series from Maria Bamford, Lady Dynamite, will be available on May 20th.

For more detailed information of all TV shows produced in Minnesota check out the TV-ography below.


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5 Day Flip Series (2015)

Algo's Factory (1997-1998)

Alive TV (1985-1997)

All You Can Meat (2012)

America Unearthed (2012-present)

America's Best Kept Secrets (2013)

American Rehab: Buffalo, Charleston, & Detroit (2013 & 2014)

Appetite for Adventure (2002)

Backroads with Ron & Raven (

Bathroom Renovations (2004-2007)

Bathtastic (2008-2011)

Billion Dollar Distasters (2001-2002)

Bizarre Foods (2006 - present)

Blog Cabin (2011)

The Bock & Craig Show (1994-1995)

Born To Be Wild (2007)

Buy This Restaurant (2014)

Call of the Wild (1995-2000)

The Deal Hunter (2007)

Delicious Destinations (2015-present)

Design on a Dime (2006-2011)

Destination: Polaris (2006-present)

The Do-It-Yourself (1983-1985)

Dream House II (1996-1999)

Dream House III (1998-1999)

Due North Outdoors (2004-present)

Eating American with Anthony Anderson (2014)

Fired Up Food (2015)

The Flush (2006-present)

Found (2016-present)

Free Wheelin' (!997-2000)

Freestyle (2005-2007)

Fur Takers (2010-present)

Future Scream Machines (2013)


Going Yard (2012-2013)

Good Company (1982-1994)

The Great Indoors (1996-1999)

Health Diary (1998-2002)

HGTV Yard Takeover (2013)

Holiday Kitchen Takeover (2013)

Home Pro (1993-1998)

Home Savvy (1996-1999)

Hometime (1986 - present)

How 2 Crew (2011-2014)

I Hate My Bath (2011-2014)

I Hate My Kitchen (2010-2014)

I Hate My Yard (2013-present)

In An Instant (2014)

It Came Outta Nowhere (2014)

K9 to 5 (1999-2005)

KBIS:Hot List Specials (2012-2014)

Landscape Smart (1998-2006)

Let's Bowl (2001-2002)

Lifeline: Mayo Clinic (2003)

Machinery Pete TV (2012)

Made in the Outdoors (2015/present)

Makeover: Hunt Dog Edition (2004-2005)

Meg's Great Rooms (2012)

Mental Engineering (1999-2002)

Meter's Running (2015)

Monsters, Myths & Legends (2014)

Monster Quest (2007-2010)

Most Embarrassing Living Rooms in America (2013)

Most Embarrassing Room in America (2013)

My Big Family Renovation (2013)

Mysterious Encounters (2002-2004)

Mystery of Easter Island (2012)

Mystery Science Theater 3000 (1989-1999)

Nate on Drums (2004-2006)

Naturally, Danny Seo (2016-present)

Newton's Apple (1983-1998)


On the Money (1998-1999)

Once Upon A Tree (1997-1999)

Passport to Design (2002-2004)

Photography: A Century Of Images (1999-2000)

Raise a Roof (2013)

Rebecca's Garden (1996-2008)

Rehab Addict (2010-2014)

Renovate to Rent (2013 - present)

Renovation Raiders (2012-2013)

Right on the Money (2001-2003)

Room for Change (2000-2004)

Rooster Tales (2010-current)

Shop This Room (2012)

Sweat Equity (2006-2012)

Talk Box (1997-2002)

Tasting Napa (2002)

Transylvania Television (2008)

Travel Adventures (1996-1998)

Wildlife Detectives (2001-2002)

Zap It! (1998-1999)