Made in MN TV

Minnesota has an exceptionally large and highly-acclaimed television production industry. We are home to production companies making top-rated shows about everything from home renovation to bizarre foods to great out-of-the-way places to dine throughout the world. Tremendous Entertainment's Rock the Park was picked up by ABC in 2015 and Committee Films In an Instant was a hit for ABC's primetime programming. Amazon's animated Danger & Eggs got great reviews and won an Emmy in its first season! 

For more detailed information on TV shows produced in Minnesota check out the TV-ography below.


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5 Day Flip Series (2015)

Algo's Factory (1997)

Alive From Off Center (1985)

All You Can Meat (2012)

America Unearthed (2012)

America's Best Kept Secrets (2013)

American Photography: A Century of Images (1999)

American Rehab: Buffalo, Charleston, Virginia & Detroit (2013)

Appetite for Adventure (2002)

Backroads with Ron & Raven (

Bathroom Renovations (2004-2007)

Bathtastic (2008-2011)

Billion Dollar Distasters (2001-2002)

Bizarre Foods (2006 - present)

Blog Cabin (2011)

The Bock & Craig Show (1994-1995)

Born To Be Wild (2007)

Buy This Restaurant (2014)

Call of the Wild (1995-2000)

Danger & Eggs

The Deal Hunter (2007)

Delicious Destinations (2015-present)

Design on a Dime (2006-2011)

Destination: Polaris (2006-present)

The Do-It-Yourself (1983-1985)

Dream House II (1996-1999)

Dream House III (1998-1999)

Due North Outdoors (2004-present)

Eating American with Anthony Anderson (2014)

Fired Up Food (2015)

The Flush (2006-present)

Found (2016-present)

Free Wheelin' (!997-2000)

Freestyle (2005-2007)

Fur Takers (2010-present)

Future Scream Machines (2013)


Going Yard (2012-2013)

Good Company (1982-1994)

The Great Indoors (1996-1999)

Health Diary (1998-2002)

HGTV Yard Takeover (2013)

Holiday Kitchen Takeover (2013)

Home Pro (1993-1998)

Home Savvy (1996-1999)

Hometime (1986 - present)

How 2 Crew (2011-2014)

I Hate My Bath (2011-2014)

I Hate My Kitchen (2010-2014)

I Hate My Yard (2013-present)

In An Instant (2014)

It Came Outta Nowhere (2014)

K9 to 5 (1999-2005)

KBIS:Hot List Specials (2012-2014)

Landscape Smart (1998-2006)

Let's Bowl (2001-2002)

Lifeline: Mayo Clinic (2003)

Machinery Pete TV (2012)

Made in the Outdoors (2015/present)

Makeover: Hunt Dog Edition (2004-2005)

Meg's Great Rooms (2012)

Mental Engineering (1999-2002)

Meter's Running (2015)

Monsters, Myths & Legends (2014)

Monster Quest (2007-2010)

Most Embarrassing Living Rooms in America (2013)

Most Embarrassing Room in America (2013)

My Big Family Renovation (2013)

Mysterious Encounters (2002-2004)

Mystery of Easter Island (2012)

Mystery Science Theater 3000 (1989-1999)

Nate on Drums (2004-2006)

Naturally, Danny Seo (2016-present)

Newton's Apple (1983-1998)


On the Money (1998-1999)

Once Upon A Tree (1997-1999)

Passport to Design (2002-2004)

Photography: A Century Of Images (1999-2000)

Raise a Roof (2013)

Rebecca's Garden (1996-2008)

Rehab Addict (2010-2014)

Renovate to Rent (2013 - present)

Renovation Raiders (2012-2013)

Right on the Money (2001-2003)

Room for Change (2000-2004)

Rooster Tales (2010-current)

Shop This Room (2012)

Sweat Equity (2006-2012)

Talk Box (1997-2002)

Tasting Napa (2002)

Theater People (2013)

Transylvania Television (2008)

Travel Adventures (1996-1998)

Twelve Forever (2019)

Wildlife Detectives (2001-2002)

Zap It! (1998-1999)