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With a keen eye, creativity, technical expertise and spectacular whiz-bang production equipment, our skilled personnel provide powerful imagery all over the world (primarily in the Midwest) for films, videos and events used in entertainment, commercials, corporate communications and on the web. If we do not already, we would love to work with you.

Picture Factory is a leader in Specialty Camera Equipment with an inventory of Egripment telescoping camera cranes, jibs, Egripment remote heads, Ronin Stabilized Heads, steadicam, CineLine 2-point cable cam, wireless video systems, CineRover and our CineCopter drone aerial systems.

Picture Factory is authorized by the FAA to provide drone aerial cinematography for film, video, tv & live broadcast production. In a nod to our CineCopter, Picture Factory was the first production company East of the Rockies to be granted a section 333 regulatory exemption by the FAA.  We're proud to offer yet another cutting-edge way to give our clients unique perspectives and moving camera shots from places otherwise impossible to reach.

Key personnel:

Craig Peterschmidt, Steadicam, Specialty Camera Operator, FAA part 107 Certified UAS Remote Pilot

Craig developed an interest in movies and music in his early elementary years. In high school he plunged headlong into production helping to set up and maintain a tv studio at his high school in the San Francisco Bay Area. Since 1985, he's worked steadily in the film & video industry as a Cinematographer and specialty camera operator all over the world. Craig is the creative and technical genius behind Picture Factory. His versatility and expertise afford him the opportunity to work in all media formats and his passion for innovative technology and moving shots can be seen in many award winning features, shorts, commercials, music videos, documentaries and tv programs utilizing steadicam, camera cranes, jibs, remote heads, and aerial with the CineCopter. He has worked with Robert Altman, U2, Prince, Sammy Hagar, Target, Best Buy, Polaris, McDonalds, Extreme Home Makeover, SuperNanny, all major broadcast and cable networks as well as numerous sporting events, including nine Olympic Games, multiple X-Games, World Cups, Stanley Cups, Monday Night name a few.

Jillian Nodland, Producer & UPM

Jillian produces &/or supervises award winning films, videos and events for all major and many cable networks, production companies, advertising agencies, corporations and non-profit organizations.  She's worked all over the world on location, in studios and on the stages of internationally broadcast live events including five Olympic Games, World Cup Soccer, the Academy Awards, Golden Globe Awards, the Super Bowl and the Rose name a few.


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(715) 386-0777 (Office)
(612) 968-2191 (Cell)
(612) 968-2192 (Cell)

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Craig Peterschmidt, (612) 968-2191,
Jillian Nodland, (612) 968-2192,


Title/Name: Strangers
Client/Production Company: Picture Factory/Storyforge
Year: 2014

Title/Name: Ana's Playground
Client/Production Company: Storyforge
Year: 2008

Title/Name: Killer Movie
Client/Production Company: Dead of Winter Productions
Year: 2007

Title/Name: Larry The Cable Guy
Client/Production Company: Parallel Entertainment
Year: 2009

Title/Name: Wilson
Client/Production Company: Pippi Productions
Year: 2015


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Jimmy Jib, corporate clean

6’, 12’, 18’, 24’, 30’, 40’

Owner Operator or rental for an experienced operator..


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Phones: (612) 396-7822 (Cell)

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Ed Dally, (612) 396-7822,


Title/Name: Hosanna Christmas Concert week, Christmas, Easter services
Client/Production Company: Hosanna Lutheran Church
Year: 2018, 19

Title/Name: Country and Rock Fest, Cadott, Wi
Client/Production Company: Common World Productions
Year: 2018

Title/Name: Super Bowl Party (Justin Timberlake) Paisley Park
Client/Production Company: Big Event Productions
Year: 2018

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Z Systems, Inc

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Z Systems fuels your creativity with professional video rental services.

We offer our expertise in building rental packages that best meet the specific needs of your project.  We will gladly provide free, hands-on, in-store, demonstrations of your rental gear so that you can go into the field with the utmost confidence you’ll get the shots you want. We also offer technical support by phone if you run into problems after you’ve left our shop.

Our competitive pricing, 3-day week rentals, and package discounts will help keep you on budget without sacrificing on premium equipment.

We also always keep a stock of fast 2tb and 4tb G-Tech drives on hand for your storage needs.

Rental categories include:

•Cameras and Lenses



•LED Lighting

•Grip equipment

Grip Vehicle

•Post Production Suites

Check out the full list of rental equipment and prices at the link here, or browse the website at



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Phones: (952) 974-3140 (Office)

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Items for Rent
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Keith Mullin, (952) 974-3140,