Drive Thru Productions and Editorial

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Drive Thru, Inc. is a full-service production and digital post-production house specializing in motion-picture production, creative editorial, and visual effects for advertising and entertainment content.   We offer solutions to every step of the motion picture process, including (but not limited to) broadcast and web content.

Drive Thru Editorial is post-production for any motion-picture medium.  In addition to creative editing and Company 3 color, we offer motion-graphics, animation, compositing, on-line and finish.  We utilize state of the art equipment and a roster of artists whose work has not only won awards, but  has also won kudos for its streamlined efficiencies and resourcefulness.

We've been in business for 31 years and in that time we've worked with clients like Subaru, Target, Fingerhut, Jack Links, H&R Block, Scheels, Honda, and many more. We also specialize in "Tourism" spots such as Costa Rica Tourism and Belize Tourism. For details on these and other projects, please visit our website.


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Phones: (612) 338-4656 (Office)

Email Address: beth@drivethrutv.com

Websites: Drive Thru Editorial

Mark Setterholm, (612) 338-4656, mark@drivethrutv.com
Bob George, (612) 338-4656, bob@drivethrutv.com
Beth Wilson, (612) 338-4656, beth@drivethrutv.com
Heather McCollum, (612) 338-4656, heather@drivethrutv.com
Patrick Levno, (612) 338-4656, patrick@drivethrutv.com

Undertone Music, Inc.

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Founded in 1994, Undertone Music is the premier facility for doing film audio in the Twin Cities.  We have experience with over 95 films from clients around the globe.  Our work has shown in commercial theaters, Sundance, Cannes, Toronto, Tribeca, Rotterdam, Berlin, and everywhere in-between.  Owner Tom Hambleton has deep experience in film scoring, audio editing, and Re-recording mixing as well as far reaching connections into the film post world in Hollywood and Europe.  Our facilities are unmatched in town, featuring 1 large TV suite (with recording booth), 2 edit rooms, assistant's areas and foley storage, and the Midwest's only Dolby-tuned Dolby-approved Dub Stage for mixing film, large format programs and ADR! The Dub Stage is 36'x25'14 and features 5.1 Surround Sound and a 13' micro-perf screen.

Our staff of editors understand the detailed crafts of Dialogue Editing, ADR, Foley walking, Foley Editing, Sound Editing, Field FX Collection and Re-recording mixing.  Supplementing this, we also do location audio for film and video ensuring your audio is first-class from capture to final mix.

We also have experience on hundreds of Broadcast TV programs, as well as countless commercial and corporate programs.  

Contact us and come see why we are the busiest and best facility for Film and TV sound in the Twin Cities.




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Phones: (612) 339-8911 (Office)

Email Address: tomh@undertonemusic.com

Undertone Music
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Tom Hambleton CAS, (612) 339-8911, tomh@undertonemusic.com
Drew Sondeland, (612) 339-8911, drew@undertonemusic.com
Ian McClintock, (612) 339-8911, ian@undertonemusic.com
Chris Caesar, (612) 339-8911, chris@undertonemusic.com


Title/Name: Madam Secretary
Client/Production Company: CBS
Year: 2019

Title/Name: Castle Rock
Client/Production Company: Hulu/Bad Robot Productions
Year: 2019

Title/Name: New Amsterdam
Client/Production Company: NBC/Universal Television
Year: 2019

Title/Name: Legacies
Client/Production Company: The CW/My So-Called Company
Year: 2019

Title/Name: Looking For Alaska
Client/Production Company: Hulu/Paramount Pictures
Year: 2019