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ProMedia Productions, Inc.

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ProMedia is a full service video production company that has been in business for 37 years. We offer shooting with the Sony FS7, Sony F-900 camera, Sony EX3, Canon 5D Mark IV, Canon C300, editing, animation, graphics, Pro Tools HD audio, Kessler Cine Drive Camera Motion Control System, We specialize in 4K and HD production and multi-screen presentations. Our complete facility has the latest in technology and equipment to help meet communications objectives with the look and feel that clients envision. 

Our full range of services include: 
- HD and 4K. 
- Broadcast Production 
- Motion Graphics / 3D Animation
- Trade Shows/Video Walls 
- Studio with green screen 
- On Location Multi and Single Camera Shoots for Broadcast and Corporate 
- Creative Direction 
- Complete Project Management 

Our award-winning staff works directly with clients on concepts, writing and developing scripts, creating dazzling 2D & 3D graphics, and organizing, scheduling, and directing the production. Our collaborative approach with our clients differentiates us from other production houses. 

Since our inception in 1981, we've primarily used in-house resources to provide a one stop shop for the convenience of our customers. ProMedia was the first production house in the Twin Cities to provide a complete facility for High Def shooting, graphics and editing. Our focused customer service and quality productions are the driving reason behind our success in winning and retaining our customers..



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(651) 631-3681 (Office)
(651) 503-5520 (Cell)

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Websites: ProMedia Productions

Steve Keller,

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Sam Wagner Photography and Videography

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I am a Minneapolis based still and timelapse photographer and videographer with a strong eye for light, frame, and motion.  Mostly, I shoot portraiture, but I am also excited by music, wildlife, cities, and documentary (among many other things).  In my links section, I have shared my stock photography and timelapse online marketplaces, of which mostly my subjects are cityscapes and landscapes.  I have a breadth of experience both in-studio and on-location for a range of commercial, narrative, and documentary photo and video projects.  I always want to represent my subjects with thought, care, and respect.  Ultimately, I am interested in pursuing a career using the power of the image to defend our climate and fight for local and regional environmental justice.


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Phones: (651) 200-8772 (Cell)

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Shutterstock - Video and Timelapse
Shutterstock - Still Photography
Pond5 - Stock Video and Timelapse
Cavernous (part i. of iv.) - music video
Future Shoes - music video
Western Interior - in-studio music recording


Title/Name: Future Shoes
Client/Production Company: Mr. Submissive
Year: 2019

Title/Name: Cavernous
Client/Production Company: Zack Baltich
Year: 2017

Title/Name: Western Interior
Client/Production Company: Zack Baltich
Year: 2016

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