Omni-Fusion Media Production

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Omni-Fusion Media Production is an award winning production company with a long track record of shooting, editing & delivering amazing content on time & on budget.

We have collaborated with over 200 artists, designers & filmmakers on over 120 projects all over the world, since 2001.

Our clients range from Fortune 500 companies and ad agencies to non-profits & start-ups.

Brands & Clients:

Target / Oakley / Red Bull / Allina Health / Bayer / Clorox / Atlantic Records / Universal Music / Warner Music Group / Minnesota Twins


PMH / Fallon / Olson & Company / Colle McVoy / Catapult / N-Sight / Zeus Jones / Paeriscope

Bands: NOFX / Against Me! / Motion City Soundtrack / Patrick Stump from Fall Out Boy / Bon Jovi  


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Phones: (612) 558-3537 (Office)

Email Address: shane@omni-fusion.com

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Shane Nelson, (612) 558-3537, shane@omni-fusion.com

Vanan Transcription

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Book typing servicesoffer typing solutions to people and industries in need. In today's world, people are very busy, always in a hurry, and have very less time for themselves. They need on-the-go solutions for almost everything.

A Book typing service is one of that solution. People don’t have time to sit back and relax by reading their books, so they have been converted into typed Books that you carry in your phone or tab and now can read it while traveling.

This was just one example, the importance and uses of a typed Book is way more than this. We also offering Document typing services and all online typing services in cheap typing service rate.


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Email Address: eionmorgan@tutanota.com

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