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At Afterglow Studios we aim to achieve the highest production quality while using our skills to educate, inspire, and entertain. Afterglow adheres to the philosophy that “if your going to do something then it should be done to the highest standards possible”.

Afterglow Studios has an extremely versatile range of capabilities to achieve the highest quality no matter the circumstances. With the ability to take a project from earliest idea/ conception to final completion benefits the final product immensely. With extensive experience with both high-end commercials as well as high-end long format productions, we believe this sets us apart from other studios making us unique with the level of projects and creativity. 

Afterglow Studios is a multi-media content provider comprised of highly talented Artists, Designers, Animators and Programmers working in tandem to create images that inspire. For the past 10 years we have been providing and creating video content for TV, film, web, print and interactive. 


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Phones: (612) 332-2828 (Office)

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Websites: Afterglow Studios

Luke Ployhar, (612) 332-2828,
Ashley Jahnke, (612) 332-2828,

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