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With a keen eye, creativity, technical expertise and spectacular whiz-bang production equipment, our skilled personnel provide powerful imagery all over the world (primarily in the Midwest) for films, videos and events used in entertainment, commercials, corporate communications and on the web. If we do not already, we would love to work with you.

Picture Factory is a leader in Specialty Camera Equipment with an inventory of Egripment telescoping camera cranes, jibs, Egripment remote heads, Ronin Stabilized Heads, steadicam, CineLine 2-point cable cam, wireless video systems, CineRover and our CineCopter drone aerial systems.

Picture Factory is authorized by the FAA to provide drone aerial cinematography for film, video, tv & live broadcast production. In a nod to our CineCopter, Picture Factory was the first production company East of the Rockies to be granted a section 333 regulatory exemption by the FAA.  We're proud to offer yet another cutting-edge way to give our clients unique perspectives and moving camera shots from places otherwise impossible to reach.

Key personnel:

Craig Peterschmidt, Steadicam, Specialty Camera Operator, FAA part 107 Certified UAS Remote Pilot

Craig developed an interest in movies and music in his early elementary years. In high school he plunged headlong into production helping to set up and maintain a tv studio at his high school in the San Francisco Bay Area. Since 1985, he's worked steadily in the film & video industry as a Cinematographer and specialty camera operator all over the world. Craig is the creative and technical genius behind Picture Factory. His versatility and expertise afford him the opportunity to work in all media formats and his passion for innovative technology and moving shots can be seen in many award winning features, shorts, commercials, music videos, documentaries and tv programs utilizing steadicam, camera cranes, jibs, remote heads, and aerial with the CineCopter. He has worked with Robert Altman, U2, Prince, Sammy Hagar, Target, Best Buy, Polaris, McDonalds, Extreme Home Makeover, SuperNanny, all major broadcast and cable networks as well as numerous sporting events, including nine Olympic Games, multiple X-Games, World Cups, Stanley Cups, Monday Night name a few.

Jillian Nodland, Producer & UPM

Jillian produces &/or supervises award winning films, videos and events for all major and many cable networks, production companies, advertising agencies, corporations and non-profit organizations.  She's worked all over the world on location, in studios and on the stages of internationally broadcast live events including five Olympic Games, World Cup Soccer, the Academy Awards, Golden Globe Awards, the Super Bowl and the Rose name a few.


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(715) 386-0777 (Office)
(612) 968-2191 (Cell)
(612) 968-2192 (Cell)

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Craig Peterschmidt, (612) 968-2191,
Jillian Nodland, (612) 968-2192,


Title/Name: Strangers
Client/Production Company: Picture Factory/Storyforge
Year: 2014

Title/Name: Ana's Playground
Client/Production Company: Storyforge
Year: 2008

Title/Name: Killer Movie
Client/Production Company: Dead of Winter Productions
Year: 2007

Title/Name: Larry The Cable Guy
Client/Production Company: Parallel Entertainment
Year: 2009

Title/Name: Wilson
Client/Production Company: Pippi Productions
Year: 2015

EddyLine Productions

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EddyLine Productions is an emmy award-winning production company.  We are passionate storytellers working in scripted and non-scripted television, documentary, corporate, livestreaming and aerial productions.

Clients Include: Showtime | Food Network | Travel Channel | History Channel | 3M | Cargill | Fox Sports | The Weather Channel | New York Times | Polaris Industries | Philips | The Outdoor Channel | Zeiss | Allina Health | Minnesota Zoo | TNS | Lifetime Fitness | AJ+ | Fusion  


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Phones: (651) 247-7038 (Cell)

Email Address:

Websites: EddyLine Productions

Nick Clausen


Title/Name: Editor
Client/Production Company: Travel Channel - Bizarre Foods, Delicious Destinations
Year: 2014-2018

Title/Name: Director/Cinematographer/Editor
Client/Production Company: The Wolf House - Documentary Short
Year: 2018

Title/Name: Cinematographer/Editor
Client/Production Company: University of St. Thomas - various
Year: 2014-2018

Title/Name: Cinematographer/Editor
Client/Production Company: Lifetime Fitness - 60 Day Challenge
Year: 2016-2017

Title/Name: Cinematographer
Client/Production Company: 3M - Internal Research Video
Year: 2016

ProMedia Productions, Inc.

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ProMedia is a full service video production company that has been in business for 37 years. We offer shooting with the Sony FS7, Sony F-900 camera, Sony EX3, Canon 5D Mark IV, Canon C300, editing, animation, graphics, Pro Tools HD audio, Kessler Cine Drive Camera Motion Control System, We specialize in 4K and HD production and multi-screen presentations. Our complete facility has the latest in technology and equipment to help meet communications objectives with the look and feel that clients envision. 

Our full range of services include: 
- HD and 4K. 
- Broadcast Production 
- Motion Graphics / 3D Animation
- Trade Shows/Video Walls 
- Studio with green screen 
- On Location Multi and Single Camera Shoots for Broadcast and Corporate 
- Creative Direction 
- Complete Project Management 

Our award-winning staff works directly with clients on concepts, writing and developing scripts, creating dazzling 2D & 3D graphics, and organizing, scheduling, and directing the production. Our collaborative approach with our clients differentiates us from other production houses. 

Since our inception in 1981, we've primarily used in-house resources to provide a one stop shop for the convenience of our customers. ProMedia was the first production house in the Twin Cities to provide a complete facility for High Def shooting, graphics and editing. Our focused customer service and quality productions are the driving reason behind our success in winning and retaining our customers..



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(651) 631-3681 (Office)
(651) 503-5520 (Cell)

Email Address:

Websites: ProMedia Productions

Steve Keller,

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RumJungle Media Inc

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HD Camera Crews and Satellite Services - CALL US ANYTIME! - (952)472-5525

RumJungle Media is celebrating 26 + years of success in this industry. RumJungle offers creative Directors of Photography, Audio Technicians, comprehensive field packages and experienced support staff.  Our Award Winning teams utilize technology's most advanced platforms to perform every facet of production - research & coordination, inventive shooting & editing, satellite uplinks & web-streaming, and a variety of specialized services such as Teleprompters, Jib/Dolly, Make Up Artists, etc. 

Our knowledgeable Production Manager offers friendly, convenient booking services 24/7/365. Check out our website -,  or call us anytime to discuss Your next Television project.




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(952) 472-5525 (Office)
(612) 991-6060 (Cell)

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Websites: RumJungle Media, Inc.

Peter Norton, (952) 472-5525,
Lee Houghtaling, (952) 472-5525,


Title/Name: National Network Productions
Client/Production Company: ABC, CBS, NBC, Fox, CNN, Bloomberg, Extra, NBC, CNBC
Year: 2000 - 2017

Title/Name: Corporate Videos (Medical)
Client/Production Company: UnitedHealth Group, Medtronic, Smiths Medical, Inspire Medical Systems, Mayo Clinic
Year: 2000 - 2017

Title/Name: Corporate Videos
Client/Production Company: General Mills,Target Corporation, Best Buy, Citizens Bank, IBM, Wells Fargo, Thomson Reuters
Year: 2000 - 2017

Title/Name: World news Tonight, 20/20, Nightline, Good Morning America
Client/Production Company: ABC Network News
Year: 2000 - 2017

Title/Name: 60 Minutes, 48 Hours, Evening News, The Early Show
Client/Production Company: CBS Network News
Year: 2000 - 2017