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Jacob Jensen

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I am an experienced PA and driver. Credits include

PA/ Driver- Anonymous Content- Squarespace Superbowl Commercial

PA/ Driver- Committee Films/ History Channel- Pilot

PA/ Driver- Committee Films/ Investigation Discovery- Serial Killer Devil Unchained

PA- Committee Films/ History Channel- The Last Pope

PA- Peacock Productions/ Investigation Discovery- Deadline: Crime


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Phones: (507) 383-2050 (Cell)

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Websites: JJ Pictures

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Drivers, Chauffeurs, Operators / Production Assistants / Personal Assistants

Parthé Visual Communications Group

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Parthé Visual Communications Group- over 40 years of creating award winning content. Extensive experience in all aspects of production and marketing makes us a valuable resource, no matter what your needs are.


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(715) 392-2802 (Office)
(218) 340-5000 (Cell)

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