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Provid Films

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Provid Films is a production company in Minneapolis / St Paul.

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We have the production crew and gear you want if your goal is to capture TV content, commercials, documentary, or video content.

Adapting to the new normal, we've now implemented our Safety Protocol based on CDC guidelines for Covid. 

Things like off-site live streaming for interviews, wireless directors monitor for socially distanced crew as much as possible and minimizing people on set (often cross-training crew to handle multiple roles).

We are still capturing beautiful footage with limited crew, gear, or location.

Live Streaming

2020 we've seen a huge shift in the number of live streaming projects. Whether you need a single camera or large multi-camera angles with live switching, we're here to design a virtual event solution to meet your needs. We handle projects under 6 figures. 

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Production Levels that Match You:

1) Assistance: If you have a crew flying in, we offer assistance. (Whether that's freelancers, 2nd camera operators with their own gear, or working to get you the gear you need)

2) Support: If you want to source a local crew in Minnesota, we can support your project (or anywhere in the MN, WI, IL, IA, SD or ND area) - we often help clients capture footage and overnight footage frequently. Saving a lot on travel costs. Available for projects all over the US as well if you're looking for a consistent look. 

3) Leadership: If you love our aesthetic, our approach to projects, and want us to handle a project from start to finish - our full production company can make it easy for you.  From scriptwriting in pre-production to filming on set with production to editing and revisions in post-production, our full-service creative video production company strives to engage the viewers in emotionally compelling ways that help accomplish measurable results. 


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Phones: (612) 208-8819 (Office)

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Provid Films
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Travis Johansen, (612) 208-8819,


Title/Name: PointClickCare
Client/Production Company: Provid Films
Year: 2019

Title/Name: NBC - Super Bowl Project
Client/Production Company: Provid Films
Year: 2018

Title/Name: Goldwind Americas
Client/Production Company: Provid Films
Year: 2017

Title/Name: Lifetime Fitness & Venus Legacy
Client/Production Company: Provid Films
Year: 2016

Title/Name: Comcast Cares
Client/Production Company: Provid Films
Year: 2013

RumJungle Media Inc

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HD Camera Crews and Satellite Services - CALL US ANYTIME! - (952)472-5525

RumJungle Media (est. 1992) is an award-winning media production company based in Minneapolis, MN. We offer full service video production, camera crews & satellite services. Anytime. Anywhere. No Worries.

RumJungle provides production crews for Corporate Communications, Live Events, Concerts, Breaking News and everything in between! Our Team performs many production roles – research & coordination, inventive shooting & editing, uplinking & live-streaming.

Our Creative services also include - Teleprompters, Jib/Dolly, Sliders, Makeup Artists, Gaffers, Field Producers, Production Coordination & Still Photography.

Our in-house gear is extensive and includes the following: 4K, 2K, 1080 + 720 - HD shooting with FS-7’s, C-300’s, F800’s, Ex3’s, P2000 + HDX-900’s, GoPros and Aerial Drones. Other formats available upon request.

We have 2 Ku DSNG satellite trucks that provide 4 Paths of M-PEG4 transmission, L-Band, Fully Redundant, SD/HD, No Pole Restrictions. We also offer LU600 LiveU.

RumJungle Media has supported Network, Cable and Corporate clients for over 25 years. Our crews and gear stay ready to roll at a moment's notice. When we say "anytime, anywhere" we mean it.

Call us anytime to discuss Your Next Project!



Contact Info

(952) 472-5525 (Office)
(612) 991-6060 (Cell)

Email Address:

Websites: RumJungle Media, Inc.

Peter Norton, (952) 472-5525,
Lee Houghtaling, (952) 472-5525,


Title/Name: National Network Productions
Client/Production Company: ABC, CBS, NBC, Fox, CNN, Bloomberg, Extra, NBC, CNBC
Year: 2000 - 2020

Title/Name: Corporate Videos (Medical)
Client/Production Company: UnitedHealth Group, Medtronic, Smiths Medical, Inspire Medical Systems, Mayo Clinic
Year: 2000 - 2020

Title/Name: Corporate Videos
Client/Production Company: General Mills,Target Corporation, Best Buy, Citizens Bank, IBM, Wells Fargo, Thomson Reuters
Year: 2000 - 2020

Title/Name: World news Tonight, 20/20, Nightline, Good Morning America
Client/Production Company: ABC Network News
Year: 2000 - 2020

Title/Name: 60 Minutes, 48 Hours, Evening News, The Early Show
Client/Production Company: CBS Network News
Year: 2000 - 2020