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Absoluta Audio

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Jon has been involved in sound mixing & post audio production for nearly a decade and a composer for much longer. He studied film & composition in Albany, NY he to his engineering roles in both New York & Rhode Island.

Since moving to Minnesota, Jon has been behind an ample amount of advertisements for Radio, Internet Ads, VR, and national TV. He and his sound department won Best Sound Design in Z-Fest 2019 for "Frostbite".

He owns and operates Audio Absoluta, which services all media from mixing music to mastering movies; along with all else in between. Amongst his partners, Audio Absoluta operates with over 25 years in combined experience. 


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Phones: (612) 564-9266 (Office)

Email Address: jon@audioabsoluta.com

Audio Absoluta Recording Studio
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Title/Name: SFX Editor -
Client/Production Company: Twitch, T. Pedley
Year: 2019

Title/Name: Urine My Space - Short Film, Rerecording Mixer & Supervising Sound Editor
Client/Production Company: Max Kilsdonk
Year: 2019

Title/Name: Frostbite - Short Film, Sound Designer / Audio Director
Client/Production Company: Andrew Hunt, & IPR Studios
Year: 2019

Title/Name: Trystar - Commercial, Production Sound Mixer
Client/Production Company: Trystar, CL Reps
Year: 2019

Title/Name: Assistant to Luke Harper (Production Sound Mixer) - (Splash!) Commercial
Client/Production Company: Griffin Archer, FMP
Year: 2019

Junior Birdman Audio

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Sound + music for media.

Why do we value creativity? Because creative practice solves problems that have no clear solution. Media storytellers know that great music and sound sends a message, builds identity, and creates value. You want audio crafted by someone who gets what you have to say, shares your passion, and brings something unique to the table. That’s what we’re here for.

From voiceover recording to sound edit/ design, Foley, audio restoration, custom music, ADR and final mix, Junior Birdman Audio offers comprehensive sound services to storytellers in all media. The studio is located in the heart of Northeast Minneapolis’ Arts District and helmed by Mike Hallenbeck, a sound designer and composer known for his work in film, animation, branding, industrials, games, and apps. Hallenbeck thrives on collaboration, and welcomes the opportunity to share the excitement of audio that inspires and communicates.

Check out our work: https://www.juniorbirdman.com/work/

Then get in touch and let us know how we can collaborate. Looking forward to hearing from you!

Junior Birdman Audio
1828 Jefferson St NE
Minneapolis, MN 55418


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Email Address: hallenbeckmike@gmail.com

Websites: Junior Birdman Audio


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SisterBoss specializes in post production recording (voice over in studio or via ISDN or SourceConnect + ADR), mixing (stereo and/or surround for all broadcast and streaming platforms as well as theater and large venues), and sound design/foley. It's all we do, and we are really good at it.

Founder Carl White has been a leading expert in the audio and production community for over 30 years.  Add the combined experience of the rest of our sound team (Dan Kramer, Micah Johnson, and Dan Jensen) and you've got well over 80 years worth of recording and mixing stories under the old but lovely roof in the Lumber Exchange building in the heart of downtown Minneapolis, and at our satellite studio nestled in Volt & Nice Shoes' post/color facility at the Baker Center.

Our time spent over the years perfecting the sculpting and blending of sound in an artful way, and our commitment to making sure our clients have a fun and collaborative experience, have made us a stand-out studio for creative people working on projects ranging from film & television production to broadcast and digital advertising & promotional/instructional videos.


Some of the projects we've worked on have been for these companies: Subaru / US Bank / Target / Arby's / Porsche / Walmart / Peroni / Phillips66 / Securian / Massage Envy / Toro / Helzberg Diamonds / Haagen Daas / Activision / Talenti / Chrysler / Nature Valley / Jack Link's / Larabar / Conoco / President Cheese / Polaris / TCF / RedBox / Totino's / Propel / Quaker / Skippy Peanut Butter / Best Buy / American Standard / Xcel Energy / Spam / Hello Sunshine / Old El Paso / Allianz / Culligan / H&R Block / Big Ten Network / Duluth Trading Company / Quality Bicycle Products / Arctic Cat / Life Cereal / 3M / Crystal Farms / Science Museum of MN / Buffalo Wild Wings / Scotts / Samsung / Stella & Chewy's / Royal Carribean / Wings Financial / Red Baron / Valspar / Yoplait / SuperCuts / Kubota / Andersen Windows / Real'za / Leinenkugel's


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Phones: (612) 252-3990 (Office)

Email Address: annie@sisterboss.com

Websites: SisterBoss

Annie Sparrows, (612) 252-3990, annie@sisterboss.com

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Undertone Music, Inc.

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Founded in 1994, Undertone Music is the premier facility for doing film audio in the Twin Cities.  We have experience with over 95 films from clients around the globe.  Our work has shown in commercial theaters, Sundance, Cannes, Toronto, Tribeca, Rotterdam, Berlin, and everywhere in-between.  Owner Tom Hambleton has deep experience in film scoring, audio editing, and Re-recording mixing as well as far reaching connections into the film post world in Hollywood and Europe.  Our facilities are unmatched in town, featuring 1 large TV suite (with recording booth), 2 edit rooms, assistant's areas and foley storage, and the Midwest's only Dolby-tuned Dolby-approved Dub Stage for mixing film, large format programs and ADR! The Dub Stage is 36'x25'14 and features 5.1 Surround Sound and a 13' micro-perf screen.

Our staff of editors understand the detailed crafts of Dialogue Editing, ADR, Foley walking, Foley Editing, Sound Editing, Field FX Collection and Re-recording mixing.  Supplementing this, we also do location audio for film and video ensuring your audio is first-class from capture to final mix.

We also have experience on hundreds of Broadcast TV programs, as well as countless commercial and corporate programs.  

Contact us and come see why we are the busiest and best facility for Film and TV sound in the Twin Cities.




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Phones: (612) 339-8911 (Office)

Email Address: tomh@undertonemusic.com

Undertone Music
Tom Hambleton on IMDb
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Tom Hambleton CAS, (612) 339-8911, tomh@undertonemusic.com
Drew Sondeland, (612) 339-8911, drew@undertonemusic.com
Ian McClintock, (612) 339-8911, ian@undertonemusic.com
Chris Caesar, (612) 339-8911, chris@undertonemusic.com


Title/Name: Madam Secretary
Client/Production Company: CBS
Year: 2019

Title/Name: Castle Rock
Client/Production Company: Hulu/Bad Robot Productions
Year: 2019

Title/Name: New Amsterdam
Client/Production Company: NBC/Universal Television
Year: 2019

Title/Name: Legacies
Client/Production Company: The CW/My So-Called Company
Year: 2019

Title/Name: Looking For Alaska
Client/Production Company: Hulu/Paramount Pictures
Year: 2019

Uptop Films

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Uptop Films meets its clients needs by using all that film has to offer, whether that’s handling the project from end-to-end or providing our expertise in concepting, story capture, directing, filming, editing, graphics, sound design and high fives!

Uptop Films believes Joy is a powerful creative force. When you step onto an Uptop Films Set you can feel the fun atmosphere paired nicely with the professionalism needed to create such high quality production. It’s this type of environment that allows everyone involved from clients to cast to crew to to be their best - resulting in highly approachable films that connect with audiences everywhere.

Uptop Films has worked with clients like UPS, Ferrari, Under Armour, Walmart, Allina Health, Cargill, The Wilder Foundation, New Horizon Academy, Rasmussen College, Lutheran Social Services an many more.


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Phones: (612) 567-2221 (Office)

Email Address: hello@uptopfilms.com

Websites: Uptop Films