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Samantha Hedden - Freelance

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My name is Sam, I am a school teacher, I have a backgroun in quality control and project management.  I have graduate classes in both project management and education.  I have been involved with Theater around the Twin Cities for almost two decades.  In 2018 I transitioned into T.V. and Film, as an actress and in production.   I am looking to expand my acting roles as well as work in production.  I have helped on sets as a production assistant, unit production manager, stage manager, and associate producer.


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Phones: (651) 354-5839 (Cell)

Email Address: samantha.hedden@outlook.com


Title/Name: Extra - Energy Short
Client/Production Company: Ethan Dalton
Year: 2018

Title/Name: Extra - 48 hour film fest
Client/Production Company: Christopher Mueller
Year: 2018

Title/Name: Extra - Silver Blue
Client/Production Company: Distant Calling Pictures
Year: 2018

Title/Name: Aunt - Dinner with George
Client/Production Company: Anneliese Lee-Reid
Year: 2018

Title/Name: Player/Actress
Client/Production Company: Steve Murphy, Scenes from a Hat, TV show
Year: 2018

Uptop Films

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Uptop Films meets its clients needs by using all that film has to offer, whether that’s handling the project from end-to-end or providing our expertise in concepting, story capture, directing, filming, editing, graphics, sound design and high fives!

Uptop Films believes Joy is a powerful creative force. When you step onto an Uptop Films Set you can feel the fun atmosphere paired nicely with the professionalism needed to create such high quality production. It’s this type of environment that allows everyone involved from clients to cast to crew to to be their best - resulting in highly approachable films that connect with audiences everywhere.

Uptop Films has worked with clients like UPS, Ferrari, Under Armour, Walmart, Allina Health, Cargill, The Wilder Foundation, New Horizon Academy, Rasmussen College, Lutheran Social Services an many more.


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Phones: (612) 388-5813 (Cell)

Email Address: hello@uptopfilms.com

Websites: Uptop Films