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Northland Casting offers boutique background casting services with the kind of experience and professionalism you might expect in larger film hubs. Whether you need to fill a featured background role, small speaking role, extras for a large scene or a single scene, specialized background- like a real Buddhist Monk, a newborn baby, licensed first responders as seen in 20/20s In an Instant- Northland Casting has done it all! Each project features a team of two dedicated and professional casting directors assuring individual and specialized attention from the most experienced background casting staff in the Minnesota film and television industry. 


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Email Address: northlandcasting@gmail.com



Title/Name: Abroad
Client/Production Company: 37th Degree
Year: 2021

Title/Name: Tuscaloosa
Client/Production Company: Garlin Pictures
Year: 2019

Title/Name: Virginia Minnesota
Client/Production Company: Rushaway Pictures
Year: 2018

Title/Name: Wunderland
Client/Production Company: Schuetzle Company Productions
Year: 2018

Title/Name: Wilson
Client/Production Company: Fox Searchlight
Year: 2017

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