To the Minnesota Film and Television Community:
A new era for our state film and TV industry begins Monday, July 1 as the law to establish Explore Minnesota Film as our state film office takes effect. Extensive planning and preparation has gone into getting us to this point, and the mission for a smooth transition away from the MN Film & TV non-profit organization to Explore Minnesota Film is underway. 
To ensure consistency, MN Film & TV will remain in operation for the coming months as Explore Minnesota Film ramps up. We anticipate a three-month transition period. After Explore Minnesota Film is fully operational, MN Film & TV will close its doors.
As part of the transition, Melodie Bahan has resigned as Executive Director of MN Film & TV to take a temporary appointment as Director of Explore Minnesota Film. In this position, she will be responsible for getting the new state film office open for business while assisting the state to develop operational procedures, create staff positions, explore diverse and inclusive workforce development opportunities, and establish the necessary infrastructure Explore Minnesota Film needs to be successful. This temporary Director role was created in accordance with state policy, which allows such an appointment for up to 12 months. 
Explore Minnesota Film will include two staff positions, in addition to the Director; an Incentives Specialist and a Production Liaison. These two positions will be created, posted and open for applications in July. 
Tacy Mangan, Co-Chair of the MN Film & TV Board of Directors, will resign her board position in the coming days in order to serve as the organization’s Interim Executive Director. In this role, she will oversee day-to-day activity and staff to ensure a smooth transition to a state office while working to close out MN Film & TV operations.
We appreciate your support and look forward to a bright future for production in the state of Minnesota. You’ll receive another update once there is contact information available for Melodie and the Explore Minnesota Film Office. 
MN Film & TV Board of Directors