FilmNorth offers nearly 100 courses each year in the art, business, and technology of media making. FilmNorth’s annual Forum and Master Classes connect media artists to industry leaders and innovators from around the country. 

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With training, support, and mentorship, SPNN works with adults, youth, and organizations to teach crucial tech skills and the craft of creating media so they can tell their own stories. Participants learn to tell their stories of self and community in an engaging and thoughtful way through classes and workshops.

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SPEAK MPLS is a media center that provides media services and airtime on SPEAK MPLS TV- the new home of Minneapolis public access TV.

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One of the nation's most generous and well-respected theater organizations, the Playwrights' Center focuses on supporting playwrights and promoting new plays. Although primarily focused on writing for the stage, they offer classes on writing for film and TV. 

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UMFO works hard develop the workforce in Northern Minnesota with workshops and resources.

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Loft is a haven for readers and writers; one of the largest centers of its kind in the country. Our mission is to advance the artistic development of writers, foster a thriving literary community, and inspire a passion for literature. The Loft periodically offers classes in screenwriting, among it many classes on multiple genres.

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