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 MN Production Rebate

The MN Production Rebate reimburses up to 25% of eligible Minnesota production expenditures. The incentive is available to qualified feature films, documentaries, TV pilots, programs or series, TV commercials, music videos, internet and post production only. The program, overseen by the Department of Employment and Economic Development, is designed to encourage film and television production and post-production in Minnesota, providing economic growth and jobs.  



  • New, more in-depth application
  • New key personnel form
  • All projects will be asked to provide a copy of their non-harassment/non-discrimination policy
  • All projects are asked to sign the program terms and conditions as acknowledgment


  • Feature film and television projects no longer first come, first served
  • Applications will be evaluated monthly by MN Film & TV based on:
    • Economic impact
    • MN hires (appropriately classified as “employees” or “independent contractors” based on applicable IRS regulations and MN statutes)
    • Key personnel
    • MN production days
    • MN locations and representation
    • Distribution plan


  • Projects will be required to allow legislative set visits
  • Projects that require a CPA audit must pay for it themselves
  • MN Film & TV may request additional backup and/or proof of payment at any time


  • National TV (including streaming) projects may apply with either proof of funds OR letter of intent from the network, but if the latter, may not receive reimbursement until a signed contract is presented


  • Based on available funds, a maximum of up to $200,000 per fiscal year will be available for commercials and post-production only projects
  • Commercials and post-only will continue to be approved on a first come, first served basis


  • Projects featuring candidates currently running for political office in Minnesota are not eligible
  • One-time productions related to a national event being held in Minnesota (e.g. a sporting or national political event) are not eligible


  • If applications received for the MN Production Rebate exceed the total amount appropriated by the state for the program, MN Film & TV will maintain a waiting list
  • Projects that meet eligibility may be provisionally certified in amounts up 25% of eligible expenses in the event that funds become available
  • Submission and/or provisional certification of an application does not in any way guarantee that a project will be reimbursed or that funds will become available

Click here for more information about the MN Production Rebate. 

PLEASE NOTE: if MN photography has already begun, the project is NOT eligible to apply.

Other free production resources:

  • HOTLINE:  Take advantage of this highly-visited part of our site to publicize your next casting call, crew position openings and other production related opportunities.

  • PRODUCTION DIRECTORY:  Search the directory to find MN production personnel and organizations or post your own listing.

Tax Exemptions

Commercial Sales Tax Exemptions

Minnesota expenditures for TV commercial production and post-production are exempt from Minnesota sales tax.

For more details click here: TV_Commerical_Sales_Tax_Exemptions.pdf

Hotel/Lodging Tax Exemption

All production personnel who stay in a hotel or other lodging under a lease agreement for 30 days or longer are exempt from state lodging tax.

For more details click here: Hotel_and_Lodging_Sales_Tax_Exemption.pdf