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- Marko Zitzer - MZ Edit -

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Hey, I’m Marko Zitzer, a Minnesota based Video Editor. I have 14 years experience working in the commercial and documentary space as a post-production professional. Over the years I have collaborated on and created broadcast and digital content with a variety of clients, agencies and production partners. I continue to strive for technical excellence on every project I’m involved with, while telling the most compelling stories.


Work Samples at www.mzedit.com



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Email Address: marko@mzedit.com

Websites: Portfolio

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- Proper Studios -

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We are visual storytellers that believe the proper way to engage your audience is through authentic human connection.

Our team of creatives is based out of Minneapolis, Minnesota and we specialize in broadcast commercials, branded content, and documentary work. We love creative partnerships and collaboration that requires highly visual content to meet goals and share incredible stories. 

We also have a modest inventory of equipment that we rent out for productions including a RED 8K Helium cinema camera, c-stands, flags, lenses, and other misc. supplies. 



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Phones: (651) 200-8126 (Cell)

Email Address: tyler@properstudios.com

Websites: Proper Studios Website

Provid Films

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Provid Films is a top rated production company in the Twin Cities area of Minneapolis / St Paul MN.

Our goal is to bring your vision to life. 

See Our Work Here

We have the production crew and gear you need if your goal is to capture TV quality content, commercials, documentary, news, or web video content either for live streaming or post production. 

Often our clients direct remotely (from around the world) as we livestream the shots back to them saving them travel costs and handling everything to make it easy.

Adapting to the new normal, we've received certification and training including a Covid 19 Compliance Officer role if you choose. We follow all laws and rules regarding updated CDC guidelines for Covid 19.


Things like off-site live streaming for interviews, wireless directors monitor for socially distanced crew as much as possible and minimizing people on set (often cross-training crew to handle multiple roles).

We are still capturing beautiful footage with limited crew, gear, or location.

Live Streaming for You Off-Site

2020 we saw a huge shift in the number of live streaming projects and in 2021 we've adapted the newest technology to make it easier for clients than ever.

The new normal is having clients like you off-site while still being able to talk with and see the shots live.

Whether you need a single camera or large multi-camera angles with live switching, we're here to design a virtual shoot or virtual event solution to impress everyone (including your boss).

We specialize in projects 50k to 5k.


Connect Today:

Click for Facebook Messenger 

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Production Levels FOR YOU:

Pick the level that you prefer

MOST POPULAR: Full Service / Flying into town: Often times clients fly in with a director or just a sales rep and they want Provid Films to crew their project. We make it easy for you to come into town with just your carry on bag. Everything from the gear to the people to the food - we can handle your experience start to finish.

We've got a great DP & Director along with the crew and gear to make it as easy as a few phone calls and maybe an email or two.

If you have a DP or Director flying in, we offer assistance. (Whether that's freelancers, 2nd camera operators with their own gear, BTS photographer or videographer, or working to get you the gear you need)

SCALED DOWN: Crew Support: Some projects we just offer freelance support - whether that's a teleprompter operator or a local DP / owner / shooter and a sound person. We can adapt to meet your needs on the fly.

SCALED UP:  Strategic Video Leadership: If you love our aesthetic, our approach to projects, and want us to handle a project from start to finish - our full production company can make it easy for you.  From scriptwriting in pre-production to filming on set and finally post production editing, our full-service creative video production company strives to engage the viewers in emotionally compelling ways that help accomplish measurable results. 


Get rates and see our work at https://www.providfilms.com


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Phones: (612) 208-8819 (Office)

Email Address: mnfilmtv@providfilms.com

Websites: Provid Films

Travis Johansen, (612) 208-8819, mnfilmtv@providfilms.com


Title/Name: Microsoft
Client/Production Company: Provid Films
Year: 2021

Title/Name: Manpower Group
Client/Production Company: Provid Films
Year: 2021

Title/Name: Creative Mornings
Client/Production Company: Provid Films
Year: 2021

Title/Name: Philips (Healthcare)
Client/Production Company: Provid Films
Year: 2020

Title/Name: Mortenson Construction
Client/Production Company: Provid Films
Year: 2020

Channel Z

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For over twenty years, Channel Z has offered award winning creative editorial personalized for your project, with an ensemble of talent. We treasure the craft of storytelling and value the process of amplifying our client's message.

We are skilled at being a resource across all content platforms and post production methods. Whether it's bringing in our Motion Graphics team to develop a logo treatment, or manage VFX workflow in Flame, to shipping twenty-five spots out on short order, we are driven to manage projects at the highest standards.


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Email Address: hello@channelzedit.com

Websites: Channel Z

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Editors: Video


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CRASH+SUES is an independent and woman-owned free-form creative studio specializing in branding + strategy, motion graphics, design, and video.

We are a creative engine, helping ad agencies and businesses create and deliver compelling content to their customers and employees. We combine storytelling and technology to supercharge the success of our clients’ campaigns. With strategy, design and video marketing all under one roof, we’ll help you make the most out of your video.

! investment



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Phones: (612) 338-7947 (Office)

Email Address: jroy@crash-sues.com

Websites: CRASH+SUES

Heidi Habben, (612) 279-1220, hhabben@crash-sues.com
Ben Oberg, (612) 279-1257, boberg@crash-sues.com
Sam Fischer, (612) 279-1226, sfischer@crash-sues.com

Danger Vision LLC

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Danger Vision provides end-to-end video and film production services.
Creative | Writing | Produce | Coordinate | Direct | Shoot | Edit | Color

A woman-owned business that creates award-winning work, elegant solutions and digital marketing insights to make sure you reach your audiences and keep their attention.

Visit our website today!

Danger Vision LLC is a partnership between Amber Johnson and Nick Hillyard, bringing 30 years of combined video production experience from a vast array of roles across the industry from news to sports to major motion pictures, we’ve done it all.

Through all of these experiences, we’ve learned what works, what doesn’t and what it takes to be successful for the long haul. We’ve got the agility to pivot as marketing environments and clients’ needs change and the experience to develop reliable processes to guide projects from start to finish without any friction.

Contact us:


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(612) 208-2029 (Office)
(320) 760-8505 (Cell)

Email Address: amber@dangervisionproductions.com

Dusan Harminc

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Freelance Director/ Producer/ DoP. FAA and MNDoT certified and insured drone Pilot.

I come with multiple camera package options, motorized time-lapse dolly rigs and the MOVI. 


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Phones: (608) 698-3326 (Cell)

Email Address: dusan@avnoy.com

Websites: Avnoy.com

EddyLine Productions

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EddyLine Productions is an emmy award-winning production company.  Nick is a passionate storyteller working in scripted and non-scripted television, documentary, corporate, livestreaming and aerial productions.

Clients Include: Showtime | Food Network | Travel Channel | History Channel | 3M | Cargill | FS1 | The Weather Channel | New York Times | Polaris Industries | Philips | The Outdoor Channel | Zeiss | Allina Health | Minnesota Zoo | TNS | Lifetime Fitness | AJ+ | Fusion | Netflix 


Contact Info

Phones: (651) 247-7038 (Cell)

Email Address: nick@eddylineproductions.com

Websites: EddyLine Productions

Nick Clausen


Title/Name: Editor
Client/Production Company: Travel Channel - Bizarre Foods, Delicious Destinations
Year: 2014-2018

Title/Name: Director/Cinematographer/Editor
Client/Production Company: The Wolf House - Documentary Short
Year: 2018

Title/Name: Cinematographer/Editor
Client/Production Company: University of St. Thomas - various
Year: 2014-2018

Title/Name: Cinematographer/Editor
Client/Production Company: Lifetime Fitness - 60 Day Challenge
Year: 2016-2017

Title/Name: Cinematographer
Client/Production Company: 3M - Internal Research Video
Year: 2016

Harvest Film Company

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Harvest Film Company is a full service video production company based out of St.paul, MN and NYC. With a wide range of experience, we would be honoured to produce your next project.


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Phones: (612) 927-2908 (Office)

Email Address: jay-j@harvestfilmco.com

Websites: Harvest Film Co.

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Editors: Video / Multi-Media / Commercial/Corporate / Documentary

HDMG Post, Audio & Design

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Experienced, Creative High Definition and 4K Editing, Graphic Design and Animation, Audio Design and Recording, Color Grading, Finishing, Compression, Virtual Meeting Hosting/Recording/Editing and Electronic Delivery Services. Also 4K Production and Services including studio facility in NE Minneapolis.


Contact Info

Phones: (612) 224-9500 (Office)

Email Address: info@hdmg.com

Websites: HDMG

Lynn Anderson (Executive Producer), (612) 224-9500, info@hdmg.com
Jamie Heuton (President), (612) 224-9500, info@hdmg.com


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I am a local documentarian and mass media professor who has been a member of a Sundance Award Winning team and several other projects, as well as my own films. My feature, Conspiracy Theorists Lie, is available on Amazon.


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(612) 432-8580 (Cell)

Email Address: jamesklambert45@gmail.com

Websites: Personal

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Editors: Video

Adam Johnson

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Hello. I'm a Minneapolis based video editor with a background in video art, photography and electronic music production experienced in documentary filmmaking and video post-production.

My credits include the 2018 award winning feature documentary film, "Thank You For Supporting the Arts," (video editor, videographer, re-recording mixer, and music supervisor) produced by Blacktop Films, as well as numerous short form videos for museums, exhibitions, art schools, design shows and corporate clients including Nike and Target.

Additionally, I've released music on international record labels, created original music, sound design and licensed music for video installations, exhibitions, advertising and documentary films.

To discuss what I can bring to your next film, video, or art project, please email me to get the conversation started.

I am especially interested in editing your narrative film, art film or music video.

I'm looking forward to hearing from you!


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Email Address: adam@theythemselves.com

Websites: Portfolio

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Editors: Video

Kenneth Gammell

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I am a Video Editor working in Corporate and Broadcast Video for over 25 years. Recently I was Director and Editor for a monthly television show. My duties include editing, graphic design, effects, mastering, and compressing video for the internet. Previously I was Senior Editor and Videographer for the video production company Hoffman Communications. Along with freelance work, my clients have included Dairy Queen, 3M, Buffalo Wild Wings, Seagate, General Mills, and Comedy Central. 

My experience brings a higher degree of quality to video projects. I enjoy exceeding expectations for clients along with humor and a professional attitude.


Multimedia: Adobe Creative Suite.

Video:  Premiere Pro, Final Cut Pro, Avid, DVD Studio Pro, Compressor. 

Motion Graphics:  After Effects, Motion, Animate. 

Sound Design:  Logic Pro, Pro Tools, Audition.


Contact Info

Phones: (651) 334-6293 (Office)

Email Address: kennethgammell@gmail.com

Websites: Portfolio Site


Title/Name: Let's Bowl
Client/Production Company: Comedy Central
Year: 2000

Title/Name: Disability Viewpoints
Client/Production Company: CTV
Year: 2011-2018

Title/Name: Entrepreneur of the Year
Client/Production Company: Ernst & Young
Year: 2005-2007

Title/Name: National Meeting
Client/Production Company: Dairy Queen
Year: 2005-2007

Title/Name: National Convention
Client/Production Company: Buffalo Wild Wings
Year: 2005-2007

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Editors: Video

Motion 117 Productions

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Motion 117 Productions is a Creative Visual Production Agency that catalyzes the vision of its clients into immersive and compelling content for the betterment of the world.


Contact Info

Phones: (612) 547-6117 (Office)

Email Address: info@motion117.com


Jeff Johnson, (612) 547-6117, info@jeffdjohnson.com


Title/Name: Owner, Director, DP, Editor, Audio Engineer
Client/Production Company: Motion 117 Productions
Year: 2010

Omni-Fusion Media Production

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Omni-Fusion Media Production is an award winning production company with a long track record of shooting, editing & delivering amazing content on time & on budget.

We have collaborated with over 200 artists, designers & filmmakers on over 175 projects all over the world, since 2001.

Our clients range from Fortune 500 companies and ad agencies to non-profits & start-ups.

Brands & Clients:

Target / Oakley / Red Bull / Allina Health / Bayer / Clorox / Atlantic Records / Universal Music / Warner Music Group / Minnesota Twins / NBC / Red Wing Shoes / Go Pro / Allina Health / Ryan Companies 


PMH / Fallon / Olson & Company / Colle McVoy / Catapult / N-Sight / Zeus Jones / Pariscope / Bolin

Bands: NOFX / Allen Stone / Against Me! / Motion City Soundtrack / Patrick Stump from Fall Out Boy / Bon Jovi / The New Pornographers / Minus The Bear  


Contact Info

Phones: (612) 558-3537 (Office)

Email Address: shane@omni-fusion.com

Show Reel

Shane Nelson, (612) 558-3537, shane@omni-fusion.com

Parthé Visual Communications Group

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Parthé Visual Communications Group- over 40 years of creating award winning content. Extensive experience in all aspects of production and marketing makes us a valuable resource, no matter what your needs are.


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(715) 392-2802 (Office)
(218) 340-5000 (Cell)

Email Address: office@partheinc.com

Websites: www.partheinc.com

pd Editing & Motion Graphics

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Editing and Motion Graphics Services.


Contact Info

Phones: (612) 382-2626 (Cell)

Email Address: paul@paul-danhauser.com

Websites: Official Website

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Editors: Video

David James Peterjohn

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Experienced multi-role video production professional in the Twin Cities metro area. Primarily focused on Camera Department roles such as 1st AC, 2nd AC, Data Manager, Digitial Imaging Technician, Video Assist Operator, Camera Operator, and Drone Pilot. Able to edit and perform basic color correction for transcoding and dailies.


Also a video editor with several years of experience and a 4K-ready editing system, ready to assist you with assembly edits or full start-to-finish editing projects.


Contact Info

Phones: (Office)

Email Address: david@mrfournames.com

Main Website
Drone Pilot Website

David James Peterjohn, david@mrfournames.com

RumJungle Media Inc

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HD Camera Crews and Satellite Services - CALL US ANYTIME! - (952)472-5525

RumJungle Media (est. 1992) is an award-winning media production company based in Minneapolis, MN. We offer full service video production, camera crews & satellite services. Anytime. Anywhere. No Worries.

RumJungle provides production crews for Corporate Communications, Live Events, Concerts, Breaking News and everything in between! Our Team performs many production roles – research & coordination, inventive shooting & editing, uplinking & live-streaming.

Our Creative services also include - Teleprompters, Jib/Dolly, Sliders, Makeup Artists, Gaffers, Field Producers, Production Coordination & Still Photography.

Our in-house gear is extensive and includes the following: 4K, 2K, 1080 + 720 - HD shooting with FS-7’s, C-300’s, F800’s, Ex3’s, P2000 + HDX-900’s, GoPros and Aerial Drones. Other formats available upon request.

We have 2 Ku DSNG satellite trucks that provide 4 Paths of M-PEG4 transmission, L-Band, Fully Redundant, SD/HD, No Pole Restrictions. We also offer LU600 LiveU.

RumJungle Media has supported Network, Cable and Corporate clients for over 25 years. Our crews and gear stay ready to roll at a moment's notice. When we say "anytime, anywhere" we mean it.

Call us anytime to discuss Your Next Project!



Contact Info

(952) 472-5525 (Office)
(612) 991-6060 (Cell)

Email Address: Lee@rumjungle.com

Websites: RumJungle Media, Inc.

Peter Norton, (952) 472-5525, pnorton@rumjungle.com
Lee Houghtaling, (952) 472-5525, Lee@rumjungle.com


Title/Name: National Network Productions
Client/Production Company: ABC, CBS, NBC, Fox, CNN, Bloomberg, Extra, NBC, CNBC
Year: 2000 - 2020

Title/Name: Corporate Videos (Medical)
Client/Production Company: UnitedHealth Group, Medtronic, Smiths Medical, Inspire Medical Systems, Mayo Clinic
Year: 2000 - 2020

Title/Name: Corporate Videos
Client/Production Company: General Mills,Target Corporation, Best Buy, Citizens Bank, IBM, Wells Fargo, Thomson Reuters
Year: 2000 - 2020

Title/Name: World news Tonight, 20/20, Nightline, Good Morning America
Client/Production Company: ABC Network News
Year: 2000 - 2020

Title/Name: 60 Minutes, 48 Hours, Evening News, The Early Show
Client/Production Company: CBS Network News
Year: 2000 - 2020


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SPLICE® is post-production: pre-pro, design, visual effects, edit, color and sound. A full-service collection of artists and engineers, HERE to help tell your story. https://splicehere.com

We are approved Tier-1 with media companies and networks that demand the highest levels of content security. Our facility and staff use multi-layered protocols, established best practices and industry standard tools to ensure transfers, storage and deliveries are secure and safe.

Davinci Resolve / NUKE Studio / Houdini / Maya / SynthEyes / PFTrack / Cinema 4D / After Effects / Photoshop / Avid / FCPX Final Cut / Premier / SAN / DCP / Offline / Online / DI / VFX / Finishing / Color Grading / Remote Color / ISDN VO / Source Connect / Voice Over


Contact Info

Phones: (612) 767-1111 (Office)

Email Address: info@splicehere.com

Websites: SPLICE®

Chris Ray, (818) 415-2107, chris@splicehere.com


Title/Name: The Walking Dead
Client/Production Company: AMC
Year: Seasons 7-10

Title/Name: Arrow
Client/Production Company: CW
Year: Seasons 5-8

Title/Name: The Flash
Client/Production Company: CW
Year: Seasons 5-6

Title/Name: Batwoman
Client/Production Company: Warner Bros TV
Year: Seasons 1-2

Title/Name: Wrong Turn
Client/Production Company: Constantin Film
Year: 2021