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Alexandra Eve

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(651) 336-6420 (Office)

Email Address: alexandra@alexandraeve.net

Websites: Alexandraeve.net

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Wardrobe Stylists

Derah Garth

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I am an actress, singer, dancer, and writer. I am looking to expand my experience on camera and behind the camera. My acting strengths are improv, comedy, and drama. I am currently writing scripts for my acting reel. Feel free to text or email me at derahgarth@yahoo.com.if you would like to collaborate on any projects.


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Phones: (651) 263-2550 (Cell)

Email Address: derahgarth@yahoo.com

Websites: YouTube channel

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Kate Moroney Stylist

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Phones: (978) 809-2933 (Office)

Email Address: katie.n.moroney@gmail.com

Websites: http://www.katemoroneystylist.com

Kate Moroney, (978) 809-2933, katie.n.moroney@gmail.com


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Wardrobe Stylists

Tammara Melloy

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Tammara Melloy is an award-wining filmmaker of shorts including Oh, Wow and Bringing It All Back Home

With deep credits in all departments,  able to anticipate  the needs of production, wrangle large groups, quickly and efficiently, get it done, on time, and on budget. Director of background action, and choreography. Art dept artistry.

Set Decorator, Props, Wardrobe styling, with full kit, racks, steamers, irons

Assistant Director/ Production Coordinator understands contracts, creator of the Twin Cities union actor rate calculator


Representative Minnesota work:

Features: House of Tomorrow, Love Always, Santa, Public Domain, Death to Prom, A Serious Man, Prairie Home Companion, Sugar & Spice, Beautiful Girls, Drop Dead Gorgeous, Mallrats, Grumpier Old Men, Jingle All the Way

TV: ABC's In An Instant, Discovery Channel, Once Upon A Tree, PBS Newton's Apple, Donna's Day, HGTV, Tipical Mary Ellen, Comedy Central Let's Bowl, Mystery Science Theatre 3000

Commercials: NIKE, Hyundai, Gordman's,Minnesota Twins, Buffalo Wild Wings, Apple, AT&T, Miller Beer, Sun Country, Best Buy, Target, Patterson (including corporate and team to team videos)

Music Videos/ Concert stage:Prince, extensive, JLo, Jennifer Lopez, Super Bowl, It's My Party, Lady Gaga, Joanne Tour, P!nk, Beautiful Trauma, Taylor Swift, Reputation, Justin Timberlake, Man of the Woods, Beyonce and JayZee, On the Run

Nat'l Broadway Tours: Wicked, Aladdin, West Side Story, Beautiful, Phantom of the Opera, Hamilton.



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Phones: (612) 290-4520 (Cell)

Email Address: tammara.melloy@gmail.com

Websites: Imdb

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Assistant Directors / Set Decorators / Production Coordinators / Wardrobe Stylists

Uptop Films

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Uptop Films meets its clients needs by using all that film has to offer, whether that’s handling the project from end-to-end or providing our expertise in concepting, story capture, directing, filming, editing, graphics, sound design and high fives!

Uptop Films believes Joy is a powerful creative force. When you step onto an Uptop Films Set you can feel the fun atmosphere paired nicely with the professionalism needed to create such high quality production. It’s this type of environment that allows everyone involved from clients to cast to crew to to be their best - resulting in highly approachable films that connect with audiences everywhere.

Uptop Films has worked with clients like UPS, Ferrari, Under Armour, Walmart, Allina Health, Cargill, The Wilder Foundation, New Horizon Academy, Rasmussen College, Lutheran Social Services an many more.


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(763) 221-0736 (Cell)
(612) 567-2221 (Office)

Email Address: hello@uptopfilms.com

Websites: Uptop Films