Minnesota Resources


Minnesota Department of Revenue

Phone: 651.556.3000
For Local sales tax information and tax forms visit www.revenue.state.mn.us.

State sales tax does not apply to purchases of food and clothing, or to the making of television commercials.  For a detailed document outlining the definition of TV Commercial as well as which costs may be tax exempt, click here.

TV spot production (and post-production) is exempt from sales tax in Minnesota, resulting in significant cost savings. 


State Unemployment Insurance

Minnesota Unemployment Insurance

Phone: 651.296.3644 (Press 4 to speak with a representative)
Website: www.uimn.org (self-service, and account set-up)

Minnesota unemployment insurance rates vary depending on how long a company has been doing business in Minnesota; please visit the Minnesota Unemployment Insurance's Tax Rate page for specifics.

Workers Compensation

Minnesota Department of Labor and Industry

Phone: 1.800.342.5354, press 3.
Website: www.doli.state.mn.us/workcomp.asp

2019-2020 Minnesota Municipal Guide

A link to information about all Minnesota municipalities: http://www.mn-municipalities.com/